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Royal Thai Massage

An ancient massage that incorporates acupressure and yoga stretching to bring about benefits such as enhanced flexibility and blood circulation.

30 mins $45   / 60 mins $75 / 90 mins $105

Foot Reflexology Massage

A massage that concentrates on your feet and lower legs that will relieve toe pain, ankle pain, plantar fasciitis and common forms of arthritis, but can also decrease stress and anxiety in the entire body.

45 mins $55 / 60 mins $70

Aroma Relaxing Massage

The amazing scent of aromatic essential oils combined with the gentle touch of our practitioner to bring about stress relief, relaxation, and the release of tight muscles.

30 mins $55 / 60 mins $85 / 90 mins $120

Siam Aroma Massage

An aroma oil massage with slightly deeper pressure to really get into the body and relieve tightness in key areas.

30 mins $60 / 60 mins $95 / 90 mins $135

Thana Spa Signature Massage

The harmony of the combination of our Siam Aroma and Swedish massage was created with a special and beautiful movement for balancing your body and soul through a whole treatment.

60 mins $105 / 90 mins $150 / 120 mins $190

Deep Tissue Massage

A deeper style of massage that is amazing in relieving chronic muscle tension and works with the deeper layers of tendons, tissue, and fascia.

30 mins $65 / 60 mins $105 / 90 mins $150

Hot Stone Massage

This massage uses round, smooth, and heated stones which are placed on specific parts of the body to allow the practitioner to provide ultimate relaxation to the body. Blood flow is enhanced, and you will leave feeling totally relaxed.

60 mins $120 / 90 mins $175 / 120 mins $210

Pregnancy Massage

Perfectly suited for mothers who are looking to reduce weight-bearing joints problem, decreasing the anxiety caused by hormonal changes, and relax nervous tension for a night of better sleep.

60 mins $110 / 90 mins $150

Signature Organic Facial

A luxury facial that is tailored to your skin type and uses organic products that are delicate on your skin. With this treatment you also receive cleansing, exfoliation, herbal compress, relaxing massage and completed with moisture mask.

70 mins $99

Body Scrub

Detoxifying and exfoliating for your body that helps to remove dead and dry skin cells. Your skin will be left feeling smooth and radiant.

45 mins (Natural product $89)

Body Masks

All-natural masks are an amazing form of care for your body, your skin will be nourished and left glowing.

30 mins (Natural product $69)

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