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The Pilates Room

Angela Korakis

Suite 4 209 Ramsgate Rd
Ramsgate NSW 2217

Servicing area: St George, Surtherland, Hurstville, San Souci, Cronulla, Gymea Bay, Padstow, Rockdale, Bankstown NSW

Learn how to shed off unwanted kilos while boosting your strength and flexibility.

Weight Loss Pilates & Reformer Classes

Lose Fat With Pilates

Pilates can help you lose fat, tone your muscles and look slimmer. Here at The Pilates Room in Ramsgate NSW, we assist our clients with their weight loss goals while making them look and feel stronger.

Taking part in our reformer classes is a surefire way to improve your overall physique as these focus on exercises that target different muscle groups. 

Exercising can be an ordeal if you’re overweight, but not performing Pilates. That’s because this type of exercise focuses on building your strength and increasing your flexibility, so you don’t feel any muscle strain.    

Benefits of Doing Pilates for Weight Loss:

  • Sculpts the body and makes it leaner
  • Tones the muscles
  • Reduces waist circumference
  • Builds strength
  • Increases flexibility
  • Enhances core muscles
  • Relieves back pain

Book an appointment to learn more about pilates and how it can help you reduce weight.

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