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Ursula Faye

Ursula Faye

Templestowe Lower VIC 3107

Servicing area: Servicing Templestowe Lower and surrounding suburbs.

Ursula Faye

Available in Templestowe Lower and Online.


About Us

Expanded Body Centred Energy Work

Due to COVID restrictions, in-person work is currently unavailable until Nov 1 at the earliest. Making use of Distance Sessions is advised.

I am a Melbourne-based Bodyworker/Energy Healer, who specialises in releasing unprocessed stress, trauma and emotions stored in the (expanded) body, via the nervous system. 

Lightworkers often carry trauma from many lifetimes. If you have already done heaps of talk therapy, personal and/or spiritual development, but feel there is still something you haven’t been able to reach – this work may be what you are looking for.

The nervous system MUST be addressed, because this is what is in charge during times of stress. The Myofascial Network is a highly intelligent information super-highway into the nervous system and beyond. This advanced energy work allows the body to release cellular memory which negatively impacts physical/emotional health and soul evolution. 

Many years of working with the human body system in an expanded way – enables me to effect change on the physical system even over great Distance. I now work with clients from all over the world.

Trauma Release Massage - currently unavailable

The Trauma Release Massage is an excellent vehicle for healing, at a gentle pace. The Myofascial network offers connection to the nervous system, and every other physical body system, as well as all of the light/energy bodies, and further genetic and karmic information. Both the pace and scope of each session’s reach is dictated by the physical body’s ability to feel safe and release. Each and every session is intuitively crafted in response to the conditions present on the day. As we can still only move as fast as the fascia will allow, and in acknowledgement to how profoundly comprehensive this work is - in order to do it well, I need time. TRM sessions will only be offered in 90 minute or 2 hour sessions.


Hands-On Energy Healing - currently unavailable

These sessions are fully clothed. Clients may remain seated or lay down on the table. While still involving touch - but not bound to a massage protocol - these sessions are more intuitive, fluid and fast-paced. My ability to channel and direct Source Energy through my hands, voice and intention, as well as diffuse my energy is given a little more free reign in these sessions.  Physical issues and pain are still addressed, but there is faster and much deeper access to the non-physical origins and more of the Energetic threads may be followed to completion. Much more energy is moved in less time. Hands-On Healing is offered in 30 minute or 1 hour session blocks.

Online Healing

Delivered online, via a video connection to anywhere in the world. Just like a Hands-On Healing session (see above), but without the hands! As everything is essentially particles of light, we are able to change the nature of photons to release trauma – quickly! Working with the high level Light Beings in my healing team, as well as your own Soul group and Guides, I access Source Energy to connect to your system, across space and time. Years of creating safe space to treat people with trauma histories, combined with strong boundaries and the intentions for only the highest good – provide a safe container throughout time/space/realities/dimensions /lifetimes/timelines. We can reach to the farthest tendrils in these sessions, clearing trauma residues permanently and attuning the nervous system and all of the light bodies (including the physical) to the higher frequencies. Bridging your body to higher consciousness.

Located in Templestowe Lower (Melbourne, Australia). Overseas/interstate clients can access distance healing/bodywork online.

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Qualification Details

Health Science Diploma (Massage), Remedial Massage, Bowen Therapy (Bowtech), Cert IV in Life Coaching/Mentoring, Bach Flowers Level II, Spiritual Healing (Christian Spiritualist Church), Certificate in Analytical Counselling (partial completion).

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