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Advanced Corrective Massage Therapy

Katherine (ex Michael) Howse

2 Ware Ave
West Wodonga VIC 3690

Servicing area: Wodonga, Victoria

Advanced corrective massage therapy is a successful results oriented practice built over 30 years on the formula of – Assess – Treat – Reassess - Prescribe self - care

Advanced Corrective Massage Therapy

Since most clients complain of sore muscles, and a sore muscle has MANY CAUSES, I assess to determine the cause of the problem where possible (structural, nutritional, emotional, hormonal etc.), then treat using advanced manual therapies, nutritional therapies etc. that are targeted toward treating the complaint in a customised way. Then I reassess to determine progress and prescribe self- care activities.

I try at all times to address CAUSE AND SYMPTOM to get you moving toward healing then health


Not sure if you need spinal care, massage or both, maybe some nutrition?

Want a unique approach that considers them all?

Finding massage treatments aren’t targeting your musculoskeletal issues accurately or specifically?

Concerned you have a spinal adjustment and it does not hold?

Not having success with nutrition, lots of questions and expenses but not sure if what you are supplementing with is actually working?

Tried lots of things and finding them unsuccessful or poorly integrated?



Clients like the time I spend for each appointment - they see me as GOOD VALUE. (Compare $85 per hour with half hour with an Osteopath for instance)

They like the time I put into assessment - they often have not experienced this level of getting to the bottom of their complaint. (Sometimes a lot of assessment leads to a treatment with quick and dramatic whole body effects)

They like my treatment methods, and that I am very specific but holistic in my approach to their complaints. (Where possible I treat a PERSON not a complaint)

They like my professional clinic environment

Qualification Details

  • Diploma of Health Science (Massage)
  • Diploma of Remedial Massage
  • Certified Advanced Neurostructural Integration Technique Practitioner(International Institute of Applied Health Services)
  • Certification in Raw Nutrition (BodyMind Institute - Canada)
  • Certification of BodyMind Nutrition (BodyMind Institute - Canada)
  • QRA Level 1 Practitioner
  • Stretch Therapist / Teacher (National Association of Stretch Therapists)
  • Certificate of Remedial Massage
  • Certificate of Relaxation Massage


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