Best Energy Healers in Glen Waverley VIC

Benjamin Deutscher

Malvern Natural Health Care - Remedial Massage

Glen Waverley, VIC, 3150

Member since 2004

Remedial Massage | Bowen Therapy   With over 30 years clinical experience Benjamin Deutscher combines a range of styles to suit each person's personal needs. WIth an intuitive ability to treat muscle, joint and spinal conditions you are in great hands. Each treatment is tailored to your specific needs and may include relaxation, remedial or other treatments combined into one session.  

Inflammation Oligoscan Nervous disorders Bloating Fears Cramps Digestive disorders Assessments Thrush Mineral therapy

Dana Buczek

Dana Buczek - Kinesiology and Neuro-Training

Glen Waverley, VIC, 3150

Member since 2010

Well-being Constipation Pregnancy support Shin splints Subconscious Fears Motivation Sprains Depression Love

Kai Ling (Kylie)

Inner Oasis - Energy Healing/ Reiki/ Spiritual Healing

Glen Waverley, VIC, 3150

Member since 2020

Energy Healing/ Reiki/ Spiritual Healing assist us to heal on all levels. By clearing negative energy trapped in our bodies, they assist us in balancing our chakras and cleansing our auras.  They often bring about release of negative emotions/stagnant energy and a deep sense of well-being.

Anxiety Self-love Fears Stress Confidence & esteem Depression Panic attacks Growth Personal development Self discovery

Paul Turner Publications & Osteopathy

Paul Turner Publications & Osteopathy

Glen Waverley, VIC, 3150

Member since 2011

Paul uses a Holistic Osteopathic approach to improve health. Paul uses traditional and craniosacral techniques to support the restoration of balanced relationships between all conflicted tissues and organs of the body, emotions, mind and spirit and between past issues or trauma patterns (stored in the tissues) and the presenting issue.  Paul also runs workshops, has a holistic education online school and other publications to enhance healing.

Fatigue Whiplash Posture Online course Reflux Insomnia Manipulation Self awareness Asthma Energy

Seven Planes Energy Healing

Energy healing, Reiki Healing, Theta & Crystal Healers

Glen Waverley, VIC, 3150

Member since 2021

We are here to help you find yourself and perceive the present. Get back your strength and meet you in the full of energy field.

Energy balancing Pellowah healing Energy imbalance Telehealth Loneliness Depression Relationship issues Fatigue Chronic health issues Chronic pain

Gary Woolums

Electromagnetic Healing Technology

Mount Waverley, VIC, 3149

Member since 2019

Healing Through The Power of Technology: Discover how PEMF therapy really works to heal your body faster

Energy Lifestyle Detoxification Growth Stress management Telehealth Circulation Inflammation Irritability Self-healing

Deepak Gupta


Clayton, VIC, 3168

Member since 2016

The hands are a map of your life, providing a glimpse into your innate talents, character, and experiences. Palmistry imparts...

Life path Nails Reading Palmistry Flexibility Palm reading Hand analysis reading Vedic palmistry Western palmistry Medical palmistry

Mayda Parseghian

QHHT Past Life Regression, Reconnective Healing & Reconnection

Wantirna, VIC, 3152

Member since 2008

Welcome to Reconnect to Heal a holistic practice promoting healing and wellness on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Purpose Love Back pain Breast cancer Akashic records reading Transformation Vitality Emotional wellbeing Life purpose Disabilities

Astrologer Venkat

Palm & Horoscope Reader

Springvale, VIC, 3171

Member since 2021

Venkat is Australia’s top astrologer who is sharing his gifts of astrology and insight with people from all walks of life as...

Astrology Supervision Reading Black magic removal Vision Energy Love Face reading Troubles in love Marriage conflicts


Soul's Destiny - Spiritual and Energy Healing

Chadstone, VIC, 3148

Member since 2005

It is a proven fact that everything is in fact energy.

Transformation Digestive system Memory Akashic records reading Happiness Motivation Pain management Life purpose Learning difficulties Finances

Danielle Tooley

Vitality & You - About

Chadstone, VIC, 3148

Member since 2020

Can I tell you a secret?.... The Access Bars® literally changed my life! Welcome! I am so excited that you have landed on my page. I wonder what do YOU know is possible for your life and living?  Can you imagine the change that could be available for YOU when you tap into what you know is TRUE for YOU? Could you imagine having ease with money, greater relationships, better health, a thriving business and a fun and joyful life and living? It all...

Self-development Wellness Access consciousness Coaching Love Business Body issues Anxiety Creativity Stress management

Richard Iredale

Shantih Aum Health Centre

Vermont, VIC, 3133

Member since 2010

With over 30 yrs experience in Physical Mental and Emotional wellbeing, we help your body feel better and help you feel better in your body.-Mobile appointments now available-

Chronic health issues Energy Vitality Joint pain Headaches Essential oils Business Holistic health Relaxation Stress management

Hynotherapy, Tapping, Dowsing

Integrated, effective healing

Oakleigh, VIC, 3166

Member since 2011

Stress Specialist

Reading Cravings Hip pain Skin care Stress management Phobias Empath Memory Distant healing Energy clearing

Betul Falay


Burwood, VIC, 3125

Member since 2021

Aromatherapy, Energy Healing, Reiki, Cupping, Holistic Counselling

Back pain Shoulder pain Neck pain Stress relief Period pain

Catherine Saliba

Spiritual Nutrition

Hughesdale, VIC, 3166

Member since 2021

In this space, your life journey and all of your feelings are celebrated. In this space, we acknowledge and tend to your emotional, spiritual, physical and mental wellbeing. No matter what stage of inner exploration you are at, you will find guidance here to bring you toward greater clarity, grounding, love, connection and inner peace. Book your session online!

Telehealth Online session Distance healing Distant reiki Feng shui flying stars Chakra healing Chakra balancing Sound healing Energy work In clinic sessions

Rochelle Travitz

Healing 4 You

Oakleigh, VIC, 3166

Member since 2021

This business is all about you. Located in the south east suburbs of Melbourne. To achieve optimal health and wellness, it is necessary to apply a balanced approach to your every endeavour. When you integrate energy healing and wellness into your daily life, you can achieve your full potential and live a fulfilling life. Talk to Rochelle about how you can make reiki and energy healing a part of your life. Do your body, mind & soul a favour and book...

Telehealth Face to face appointments Animal reiki Postnatal reiki Crystal reiki Intuitive healing Holistic healing Remote healing Healing therapies Business

Sara Herring

Sara Herring - Heal From the Inside out!

Clarinda, VIC, 3169

Member since 2015

Healing from the Inside Out using Natural Therapy, Incorporating ThetaHealing, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Resource Therapy, Theta Hypnotherapy, Counselling.

Fears Habits Wellness Social skills Emotional wellbeing Insomnia Hypnotherapist Allergies Bad habits Belief systems

Russell Cunningham

Welcome to the Australian Institute of Self Development

Box Hill, VIC, 3128

Member since 2006

discover the easy way to get rapid lasting results, Relationships, Self Development Career or Leading Emotional Freedom Techniques Tapping Trainer and Practitioner since 2003 NLP Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy since 2000Emotional Freedom Techniques Master Trainer

Love Sexual abuse Anger Telehealth Frustration Goal setting Fears Mentoring Relaxation Physical pain

Christine M Long

Accelerated Transformation Sessions

Box Hill, VIC, 3128

Member since 2005

These Powerful Consultations are Renowned for their Wisdom and Truth and Connect you to your Authentic Empowered Self. They Accurately Reveal your precise Mindset, Emotional or Soul Blocks and Self-Sabotages. PLUS deliver the specific steps to move forward beyond them.

Anxiety Fears Adolescents Back pain Hormonal imbalance Infertility Mental health Depression Mediation Panic attacks

Diane Collett

Soul Journey with Diane - Beginners meditation

Blackburn, VIC, 3130

Member since 2012

New to meditation - A 3-hour package tailored specifically to your needs to start you on your meditation journey.

Self-healing Self-love Aura Inner child work Joy Anger management Love Assessments Anger Telehealth

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