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Best Lymphatic Drainage Therapists in Melbourne 3001 VIC

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Member since 2005
Melbourne, VIC, 3000
Nervous disorders Sprains Emotions Learning difficulties Tension more...

Dynamic Body Therapy provides a warm friendly environment offering a number... Find out more

Member since 2012
Melbourne, VIC, 3000
Business Inflammation Relaxation Poor circulation Lymphoedema more...

"I Want My Body to Breathe Again." • Decompress Stress that Burdens Body, Mind, and... Find out more

Member since 2006
Carmen Paff
Melbourne, VIC, 3000
Postnatal support Feet Muscular pain Health issues Joy more...

Lymphatic drainage massage is a very gentle yet very effective way to strengthen your immune system, help remove fluid retention, and recharge your body’s defences after periods of illness.  Find out more

Member since 2019
Febie Cheng
Melbourne, VIC, 3000
Tension Physical ailments Pregnancy support Bursitis Lymphatic system more...

Keep pain at bay by receiving the appropriate manual treatment. Find out more

Member since 2005
Mary Hollingsworth
Abbotsford, 3067
Optimal health Relaxation Pregnancy support Telehealth Lifestyle more...

Healthy balance of your physical, mental and spiritual life equals wellness. Find out more

Member since 2006
Paul Malcolm
Port Melbourne, VIC, 3207

Acupressure, Remedial Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release Therapy, Remedial... Find out more

Member since 2006
Natalia Armstrong
Burnley, VIC, 3121
Happiness Far infrared Complementary Feet Therapeutic massage more...

Is Now the time to heal and nurture You? Mention NTP and save! Find out more

Member since 2004
Annie Slaughter
St. Kilda, VIC, 3182
Transformation Energy blocks Dialogue Pets Relaxation more...

Remedial Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Energy Healing, Myofascial Release Therapy, Reiki, Remedial... Find out more