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Animal Therapy Kew

Animal Therapy (Kew)

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Between 0 and 5 km from Kew 3101

Gillian Moxom

Ivanhoe, Victoria

0407 561 632

At The Healing House, Gill offers you opportunities for on-going support as you heal with Reiki.

Sorted by how far the clinic is from your postcode

Between 5 and 10 km from Kew 3101

Malvern, Victoria

0419 350 690

Just as Reconnective Healing can dramatically improve health in humans, so it is with our animal friends.



el Ma Ra

Melbourne, Victoria



If you would like a more SENSUAL AWAKENING of your GODDESS within ~ or want to know how LOVE, SEX & MONEY are INTIMATELY connected...


Melbourne, Victoria

03 8418 0303

0488 333 170

Enlightening Body, Mind & Spirit......Massage, Meditation, Reconnective Healing, Vibrational Healing, Energetic Healing, Spiritual...

Heather Dunn

Melbourne, Victoria

0458 251 659

I am a Barefoot Trimmer of Horses Ponies and Donkeys, a Equine Acupuncturist and a NES Health Animal Wellness Practitioner

Lia Estate Medical Intuitive Energy Healing

Energy Healing / Medical Intuitive Lia Estate

Lia Estate Energy Healing

Viewbank, Victoria



With the help of a Quantum Medical Intuitive you will begin to uncover and unblock the cause of your dysfunction and dis-ease. Lia...

Mont Albert North, Victoria

0418 540 703

“Where the emotions go, the mind and body follow.” Ian WhiteMention Natural Therapy Pages for 20% OFF your first consult

Merryl Key

St Kilda, Victoria

0403 020 100

Welcome to Merryl Key Holistic Kinesiology "I believe Kinesiology can give you the courage and energy to move forward in life with...

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Between 10 and 15 km from Kew 3101

Elwood, Victoria

0402 256 938

Caring for pets and pet owners. Helping resolve emotional imbalances, behavioural issues, health concerns, past trauma and anxiety.

Flemington, Victoria

0474 042 820

Holistic Massage & Reiki 

Sue White

Bentleigh, Victoria


Sue at Perceptive Health Care provides a range of alternative therapies at this location for people of all ages in the...

Judi .

Brighton East, Victoria


Dog grooming and therapeutic massage with a gentle, loving touch!

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Between 15 and 20 km from Kew 3101

Charlie Bode

Eltham, Victoria

0474 042 883

Etheric Reconnective System, Spiritual Healing, Distant Healing, Etheric Meridian Correction, Life Force Correction, Heart Awakening,...

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Between 20 and 25 km from Kew 3101

Ringwood North, Victoria

0413 026 833

Tania Parker of Lightheart Enterprises provides Homeopathic consultations from her clinic in Croydon. If you have physical, emotional or...

Mentone, Victoria

03 9515 5033

0409 134 926

Flower essences are extremely safe and can be utilised in treatment for all members of the family. ***Mention Natural Therapy Pages to...

Amy Langelaan

Croydon North, Victoria

0404 060 101

Forensic Healing Practitioner

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Between 25 and 30 km from Kew 3101

Jessie Furness

DOREEN, Victoria


"Growing up I knew of many spiritual products and services that could benefit me, but whilst I was studying, they were out of my...

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Between 30 and 35 km from Kew 3101

About Us

Conscious Healing Matters

Edith Erdmann

Chelsea Heights, Victoria

0439 565 819

Bowen Therapy for Muscular and Joint Pain in the Body. Hypnotherapy for Fertility.

A Balance Centre - Canine Kinesiology

A Balance Centre Kinesiology & Massage

Kym Cooper

Lilydale, Victoria

0417 326 687

0417 32 66 87

Kym can help you support the emotional and physical well being of your much loved companion.. Kym was the Animal coordinator and...

Sarah-Jane Layton

Belgrave, Victoria

0450 959 449

Soul Freedom "Empowering the soul to live it's true purpose"