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Ayurveda for Wellness


Morley, WA, 6062

Member since 2017


Facial Stress management Back pain Anxiety Hair loss Holistic health Chronic pain Head massage Lifestyle Sinus

Priya Birdi - Ayurveda - Gut Health, Allergies | Reiki - Energy Healing, Meditation

Priya Birdi - Ayurveda Practitioner & Reiki Master

West Perth, WA, 6005

Member since 2021

Ayurveda - Gut Health, Allergies | Reiki - Energy Healing

Food intolerance Hay fever Microbiome Gut Health Microbiome testing Ayurvedic medicine Eczema Well-being Telehealth Digestive health


Lynette-Kay Remedial Deep Tissue Swedish Trigger Points Full Body Deep Tissue/Therapeutic Combo

Rockingham, WA, 6168

Member since 2012

Sciatic Lower Back Massage and/or  Neck Upper Shoulders Back massage. I offer Remedial, Deep Tissue, Trigger Points, Swedish, 2hr...


Ann Lefroy

White Lilly Ayurveda

West Leederville, WA, 6007

Member since 2015

Ayurveda, Workshop

Melissa Maguire

Anahata Ayurveda

Victoria Park, WA, 6100

Member since 2018

Anahata Ayurveda Health and Wellbeing Consultations, Herbalist, Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Shirodhara, Marma Therapy, Indian...

Feet Postpartum Headaches Facial Well-being Fibromyalgia Chronic skin conditions Prolapse Shirodhara Head massage

Om Ayurveda

Belhus, WA, 6069

Member since 2017

HEALTH The Natural Way...

Lifestyle Weight management Skin care Complementary Holistic health Health issues Alternative medicine Detoxification Wellness Pranayama

Claire Roche

Infinity Healing

Canning Vale, WA, 6147

Member since 2014

Claire Roche is a sought after healer and speaker on redressing the balance of power. She has a natural talent to enable others...

Anger management Depression Stress management Fatigue Grief Neglect Domestic violence Relaxation Headaches Digestive disorders

Monika Deol

HerboCare Ayurvedic Medical Practice


Member since 2018

HerboCare Ayurvedic Medical Practice offers: Management of lifestyle problems, disease management and health promotion with ancient...

Ananda Ayurvedic Wellness

Ananda Ayurvedic Wellness - Ayurveda

Fremantle, WA, 6160

Member since 2017

Ananda Ayurvedic Wellness provides you with a number of services and treatments to get you back to feeling well again! 

Holistic health Wellness Mental health Purpose Shirodhara Lifestyle Energy Joy Happiness Facial


Fremantle, WA, 6160

Member since 2017

Naturopathy, Remedial Massage, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Deep Tissue Massage, Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Myofascial...

Claire Vanderplank

Treehouse Bodywork


Member since 2018

Thai massage, Ayurveda, shamanic healing in Fremantle!

Bodywork Happiness Holistic health eDISC Shame Shamanic healing Creativity Purpose HIV Movement

Lakshmi Ayurveda

Lakshmi Ayurveda

Hamilton Hill, WA, 6163

Member since 2011

Ayurveda is that which deals with good, bad, happy and unhappy life, its promoters and nonpromoters, measuremnt and nature. - Charaka...

Joy Mental healing Supervision Disease prevention Happiness Love Infertility Vision Lifestyle Arthritis

Rupinder Kaur Bhullar

Essence of Ayurveda

Rockingham, WA, 6168

Member since 2011

Welcome to Essence of Ayurveda. We invite you to come experience wellness and revive your connection with your innate healing...

Head massage Lifestyle Telehealth Panchakarma Diet Shirodhara Wellness Full body massage Cleansing Skin care

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