Animal Therapy Courses

Animal Therapy Courses (Australia)

Equine Assisted Therapy Australia

Equine Assisted Mental Health Course Graduate with a Diploma of Counselling CHC51015 (RTO no 41482)

Genome Healing

On completion of the 2 day Basic and 5 day Intensive courses, you will have the skills and confidence for self-help as well as to help others

FAQs About Animal Therapy Courses

Does pet therapy really work?

Natural therapies are just as beneficial to animals as they are to people. Naturopathy, massage therapy and energy healing modalities like Reiki, are among the many natural remedies that can benefit your pet physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Where is animal therapy used?

Animal therapy will help maintain the health of your pet dog, cat or horse. As a natural healer, you may use it as an adjunct to primary veterinary services to expedite the recovery of an animal.

What are the benefits of pet therapy?

Research conducted on animal healing shows that household pets and farm animals respond positively to energy healing modalities and manual therapies. Natural therapies can help relieve stress, pain and emotional disturbances affecting animals.

About Animal Therapy Courses