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Inspirited Solutions - Self Directed Healing Practitioner Training

Self Directed Healing (SDH) Practitioner Training $3690 (early bird specials available) Online and in-person training available now The Future of Healing...

Kinesiology - Advanced Diploma Courses
College of Complementary Medicine

NEW IN 2021online combined get the best of both worlds – the convenience of being able to study most of the course from home in an interactive environment, plus...

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Family Constellations (Online Courses)

Rapid Core Healing is constructed from the best of former and present psychotherapies with the latest in neuroscience, epigenetics and trauma studies...

Spiritual Healing Courses
Family Constellation workshops and Training

Train to be a Family Constellations Facilitator

Animal Therapy Courses
Genome Healing

On completion of the 2 day Basic and 5 day Intensive courses, you will have the skills and confidence for self-help as well as to help others

FAQs About Core Energetics Courses

Does Core Energetics help psychosomatic illnesses?

Yes, core energetics can address psychosomatic illnesses as it brings unrecognised emotions to consciousness. In doing so, the individual can process the emotions and release it from their system, as well as physical ailments linked to it.

How is Core Energetics different from other therapies?

Core Energetics is a holistic form of psychotherapy that resolves belief and behaviour patterns rooted in an individual's mind, body and energy field. Using bodywork, energy and other natural therapies, core energetics releases deep-seated emotional blocks and enables the body to heal itself.

How does core energetics help people battle anxiety?

Core energetics utilises breathing techniques and exercise to help people dealing with anxiety deal with and release the trapped energy in their bodies that causes them to worry excessively.

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