What is Core Energetics?

Core energetics is a holistic approach to addressing thought and behaviour patterns acquired in childhood as a result of deep-seated negative emotions. Developed by Dr John Pierrakos in the 1970s, the modality involves bodywork, breathing exercises and other forms of therapy to bring unconscious emotions to the fore of a person's consciousness so that they can acknowledge and eliminate these, and ultimately change the course of their life.

The role of a certified core energetics practitioner is to help their client charge and discharge negative emotions that get them entangled in a vicious cycle of repeated problems. The release of emotions allows the individual to unify their mind, emotions, body and spirit and live with their core or authentic self. Core energetics helps address a wide range of conditions, including trauma, depression, anxiety, addiction, chronic conditions and relationship problems.

Core Energetics Courses in Australia

Why Study Core Energetics?

Studying core energetics will not only expand your healing arsenal; it's also a great way to get in touch with your core self. As a healer, you need to be in touch with your higher self at all times to be able to empower others to achieve their authentic selves and live their lives according to who they really are as opposed to who they ought to be.

What Does It Take to Study Core Energetics or Become a Practitioner of It?

If you bear the passion to free others from fear, sadness, anger and a slew of negative emotions, then you have the makings of a successful core energetics practitioner. Besides being inherently compassionate, you just have to be intuitive, a good listener, observant and honest to be able to make life-changing results in other people's lives.

More than a high academic aptitude, a course in core energetics simply requires students to have a deep connection with their higher self and be willing to help others from their hearts. 

Course and Study Options for Core Energetics

You can learn the workings of core energetics and earn your professional qualifications by completing a certification training program, which could take three or four years. You'll be covering subjects on consciousness, life force, energy field, bodywork, breathing techniques, body reading techniques, as well as a series of experiential exercises for achieving your higher self.

You may start with a short workshop, or seminar, if you prefer to test the waters first before diving into the study. After all, the majority of those who practise core energetics started their journey with the intent of healing themselves first before others.

Courses in core energetics are often delivered in face-to-face classes, but some schools offer a blended learning system which allows you to go through the lectures and assessment online, and then attend the hands-on component of the course on-campus.

How to Choose a School or Course in Core Energetics

Core energetics is a systematised approach to healing, so it pays to study with a qualified course provider that is recognised and accredited by Australia's peak bodies for psychotherapy practitioners. Scrolling to the top of this page, you'll find some of the best schools in Australia that offer top-notch education and training in core energetics.

After checking their curriculum, course fees and accreditation, you may want to contact the course providers that are of interest to you to enquire about their faculty members, delivery method and scheduling policy, among other factors to consider. Speaking with a course adviser from each institution is the best way to weigh your options before finalising your decision.