What is Magnetic Field Therapy?

Magnetic field therapy is a holistic modality that involves the use of magnets to treat various conditions and improve health. When the human body's electromagnetic field is constantly exposed to other electromagnetic fields in its surroundings, its physical and emotional aspects go off-kilter and a host of illnesses ensue. 

Placing magnets on the affected parts of the body will balance its electromagnetic field, unblock its energy channels and eliminate pain and other symptoms associated with it. Magnetic field therapy is commonly used for foot and back pain. It can also help address headaches, depression, arthritis, fatigue and insomnia, among many other conditions.

Magnetic Field Therapy Courses in Australia

Why Study Magnetic Field Therapy?

Scientific studies show that magnetic field therapy produces positive and lasting effects on a person's health. Undertaking formal training in this modality will boost your credentials as a holistic healer and allow you to treat a vast array of conditions where other treatment approaches have failed.

What's more, being a certified practitioner of magnetic field therapy will enable you to work closely with medical practitioners and natural healers alike, using your newfound knowledge and skills to treat illnesses or provide adjunct therapy.

What Does It Take to Study Magnetic Field Therapy or Become a Practitioner of It?

A high level of interest in the healing properties of magnets is the only prerequisite for taking a course in magnetic field therapy. This, along with the passion for healing others and learning from the best instructors in this field of study, will pave the way for your success. 

Course and Study Options for Magnetic Field Therapy

There are different types of magnetic field therapy. There's one that requires the magnet to be in direct contact with your skin, another one utilises electrically charged magnets, and there are also magnets that are used alongside acupuncture needles. By identifying a treatment mode that matches your interest, finding the right course for you will come easier.

You can start off with a short course or sign up for a certification or diploma course straight away if you want to practise the modality on a professional level right after completing your studies. 

How to Choose a School or Course in Magnetic Field Therapy

Where you choose to study magnetic field therapy depends on the outcome you wish to achieve. Suppose you want to use it in conjunction with another modality, say, acupuncture, it would be wise to consider a learning institution that specialises in TCM. If you want to combine the power of magnets with Reiki, find an energy healing course provider.

To assist in your selection process, we have supplied a list of course providers at the top of this page, whose curriculum and training methods are unquestionably stellar. Explore their offerings to find out which one is capable of providing you with the level of education and training that you want to reach. While at it, check each provider's accreditation, syllabus and course fees to ensure that you get the best learning experience.