What is ThetaHealing®?

ThetaHealing® is a process of meditation that was developed by spiritual teacher and healer Vianna Stibal in 1995 to teach people to develop their natural intuition by changing the brain wave cycle to the more relaxed theta waves, for the intention of exploring how emotional energy is affecting a person's health.

ThetaHealing® identifies the causes of blockages to the natural functioning of a person, like belief systems, repressed emotions, fears, traumas and genetic defects. These blockages impact the flow of infinite spiritual energy by limiting it. The therapy allows the person to look for those blocks or obstacles, and connect to the highest source to release the subconscious core beliefs and blocks on all four levels – core, genetic, past life and soul.

What is Theta Healing?

How Does ThetaHealing® Work?

ThetaHealing® was taken from the theta brainwave, which vibrates at four to seven cycles per second. This is the state that an individual is in at night when they first start dreaming, and also while in deep hypnosis or while gaining a profound sense of oneness with nature. During this state, the person has easy access to the contents of their subconscious and also becomes more connected to the life energy of the universe.

ThetaHealing® is often delivered in one-on-one sessions, where the certified practitioner sits directly opposite the client and listens to them, using intuitive skills like probing questions and empathy. It is based on the theory that the beliefs in the conscious and unconscious mind of the person can directly impact their emotional wellbeing, which in turn may also impact their physical health.

At the beginning of the session, the practitioner employs muscle testing to identify the client's self-limiting beliefs. Then, the practitioner enters their brain's theta state and implores the guidance of the universe. This level of consciousness allows them to reach a deep meditative state to determine what needs to be shifted in the client's body in order to facilitate their healing. ThetaHealing® is not a passive healing process. The client has to grant the practitioner permission to reprogram their subconscious beliefs by changing the energy of their cell receptors.

Once they have obtained permission, the practitioner releases the negative experiences, or genetically inherited patterns, which are responsible for the client's beliefs, feelings and behaviour, to improve their health and general wellbeing. ThetaHealing® is often used in conjunction with conventional medicine. 

What are the Benefits of ThetaHealing®?

Working with a ThetaHealing® practitioner and tapping into the theta brainwave removes negative emotions and brings your goals and desires to the forefront of your mind so that you can realise them. ThetaHealing® can help increase creativity, foster healthy relationships, create wealth and abundance and treat all sorts of problems that affect the mind, body and emotions, including:

  • Chronic, degenerative and DNA-related conditions
  • Emotional distress
  • Relationship patterns that keep on repeating themselves
  • Low self-esteem
  • Patterns of self-sabotage
  • Stress
  • Inflammation
  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • Fear and phobias
  • Skin conditions
  • Addictions

In addition to changing negative core beliefs, the modality can also be used to remove negative energies and entities present in people and homes.

What Can You Expect From ThetaHealing®?

A ThetaHealing® session lasts from 60 to 90 minutes. Clients may opt to come to the practitioner's office or receive healing from a distance. Many ThetaHealing® practitioners in Australia provide online consultations to assist people who live in far-flung areas or simply prefer to obtain the rewards of the modality from the comfort of their home. 

The session begins with the practitioner asking the client what issue they came to address. Some clients may know exactly what they want to resolve the moment they sit on the couch, while others will need the practitioner's guidance to figure it out. Once the client has expressed their purpose for seeking healing, the practitioner will ask permission to connect to their energy and then identify the client's limiting beliefs through muscle testing. They will ask a series of questions answerable by yes or no. Once they have identified the source of the client's issue, they will get into the theta brainwave and seek guidance from the universal source of energy to be able to facilitate healing in the client. 

It's very important that the client comes to the healing session with the intent to achieve positive changes in their life. The amount of ThetaHealing® sessions that a client will need will depend on what they wish to accomplish. One session will do for some people, while others with complex issues need more to achieve their goals.

Is ThetaHealing® Safe?

ThetaHealing® is a safe healing technique that does not pose any side effects. It allows people to establish a deeper connection with themselves through the power of the universe so that they may be able to resolve emotional issues that have been holding them back from the life they truly desire. ThetaHealing® practitioners work closely with other health professionals and may refer the client to a doctor if necessary.