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Studying Theta Healing

Last Updated Nov 01, 2022

Studying Theta Healing

Unhealthy relationships, bad finances, unfulfilling jobs and general dissatisfaction with life are some of the issues that many of us face on a regular basis, like a hamster on a wheel that never gets anywhere despite its speed and persistence. Little do you know that your current situation is a result of the contents of your subconscious mind.

Studying Theta Healing will teach you how to reprogram negative beliefs stored in the subconscious mind by changing the brain wave cycle with theta brain waves. The most powerful tool that Theta Healing practitioners use during healing sessions is their connection with the Divine Energy, also known as Creator or God.

Letting go of deep-seated negative energy is key to improving physical and mental health, as well as resolving major issues in your life. If you want to start living the life you want while also pursuing a rewarding career in complementary medicine, keep reading to learn about the Theta Healing process and how you can become a qualified practitioner of this modality.

What is Theta Healing?

Theta Healing is one of several types of energy healing modalities. It uses the brain's theta frequencies, which are responsible for learning, creativity, intuition and memory. This healing method is delivered in a private session, where the practitioner and client enter the theta mind or the theta brainwave state to slow down the brain's electrical activity and allow the body to create the environment required to achieve mental, emotional and physical healing.

It's during the theta state that the mind can change its core beliefs, which stem from past experiences, allowing healing to take place. Reaching the theta brainwaves aligns you with your Divine Energy, which is also referred to as your Higher Self, Creator, God, or the universe, allowing you to appreciate your true worth as opposed to what your old beliefs had painted of you.

What the theta brainwaves doSource:

Theta Healing involves meditation techniques to connect you with the universal source of energy, whose guidance will point you to the beliefs that need to be changed for healing to occur.

Why Study Theta Healing?

Taking a course in Theta Healing will teach you how to replace negative subconscious beliefs and emotions that aren't serving you and are instead holding you back from achieving your goals in life. You will gain useful techniques for determining the origin of people's core beliefs as well as tools for eliminating them.

Moreover, the invaluable knowledge that you gain will guide you in making better choices along the way as well as helping others find the right direction in their lives. More importantly, your qualification will either kickstart or expand your career in the field of complementary medicine. By mastering the ability to tap into the theta brainwave, you will be able to address a variety of physical, mental and emotional conditions, including:

How Can You Learn Theta Healing?

Theta Healing is a short course facilitated by a qualified Theta Healing practitioner who is recognised by industry bodies such as the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT).

The course can last for two days or two weeks, depending on the depth of the course outline. Your Theta Healing journey begins with the Basic DNA Theta Healing Course, wherein you will learn about the interconnectedness of belief systems with emotional and physical health, how to shift limiting beliefs using the four belief levels, and how to connect with guardian angels.

Upon completion of the introductory course, you may proceed to practise Theta Healing on a professional level or use your qualification to pursue advanced Theta Healing classes to deepen your knowledge and widen your skill set.

Where Can You Study Theta Healing?

The only place to study Theta Healing is at a school that is run by certified Theta Healing practitioners. No one besides them can teach you this modality and provide you with the qualification that you need to be able to practise it on a professional level.

Here in Australia, there are many schools that come to mind when it comes to studying Theta Healing, including the Theta Freedom Courses, which offers both basic and advanced training programs.

These institutions provide the foundational Theta Healing course, which is the first and most vital step in moulding your healing ability at the soul level. To learn more about the offerings, tuition fees and course duration of each provider, you may contact them directly or check out their listings on the Natural Therapy Pages.

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Originally published on Oct 01, 2020

FAQs About Studying Theta Healing

What is the Theta Healing technique?

The Theta Healing technique employs the theta brainwaves to shift negative beliefs. The practitioner taps into this higher consciousness of the client to work on their four belief levels, namely core belief, genetic belief, history belief and soul belief.

What does Theta meditation do?

It means reaching the theta brainwave or deep mental relaxation while you're in a meditative state. Once your mind has reached the theta state, it is capable of gaining new knowledge which supports your development.

How does Theta healing work?

During a Theta Healing session, the practitioner and client enter their minds into the theta state through meditation. While in this state, the practitioner connects with the creator or the source of universal energy to identify the client's core beliefs that are harming them and shifts them into supportive ones.

What does Theta state feel like?

Entering the theta brainwave is similar to the feeling you have just before going to sleep. You feel deeply relaxed, calm and inexplicably happy. While in the theta state, your mind also gets sudden bursts of inspiration or creativity.

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