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Best Art Therapists in Monterey NSW

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Member since 2021
Earlwood, NSW, 2206

Yoga (All), Meditation, Art Therapy, Mindfulness, Holistic Counselling, Holistic Counselling Online, Mindfulness Online, Meditation Online, Yoga Online, Art Therapy Online Find out more

Member since 2019
Syeda Rahman
Hurstville, NSW, 2220
Trauma Health issues Stress management Growth Couples therapy more...

Holistic healer in Hurstville helping clients build the future they desire... Find out more

Member since 2014
Debra Cowen
Marrickville, NSW, 2204
Business Boundaries Transpersonal art therapy Eating disorders Complementary medicine more...

Private Transpersonal Art Therapy sessions are conducted at Debra’s Marrickville... Find out more

Member since 2018
Leah Robinson
Memory Cellular communication Migraine Wellness Chakras more...

Activate Your Soul Purpose Through Art Find out more

Member since 2021
Surry Hills, NSW, 2010
Trauma Purpose Emotions Disabilities Creativity more...

I have always found art making in my own practice intrinsically healing and felt that helping people via non-verbal creative methods would be an amazing way to give back and assist others in need. In our work together we will meet you where you are at, with the aim to bring about a sense of empowerment and allow your truest, happiest and most authentic self to emerge   Find out more

Member since 2012
Gabriela Ming
Waverley, NSW, 2024
Spirituality Belief systems Complementary Sadness Depression more...

Gabriela Ming is a third generation healer brought up in the Swiss Alps. ... Find out more

Member since 2021
Sridevi Poona
Sydney, NSW, 2000
Mental health Stress management Anxiety Depression Personal growth more...

Aum Mind Body Wellbeing. A place where you can relax and express yourself. NO JUDGEMENT. Transform yourself and experience inner healing, increased self-confidence, personal growth, finiding happiness from within and connecting to yourself.  The aim of Aum Mind Body Wellbeing is to use art therapy skills and techniques to help people who are suffering from mental health issues like depression, stress, anxiety, etc. Find out more

Member since 2017
Lucia Brandao
Newtown, NSW, 2042
Stress management Growth Teenagers Adults Self-esteem more...

Luz De Paz is a client-centred practice that utilises a holistic approach to... Find out more

Member since 2006
Double Bay, NSW, 2028
Grief Adoption Trauma Death Values more...

Odelia Carmon offers Child Therapy to assist in times of transition in a child's life - divorce, adoption, blended families, new siblings, recent deaths or immigration. Art Therapy and Play Therapy are... Find out more

Member since 2014
Croydon, NSW, 2132
Parenting Self-esteem Pregnancy support Adults Grief more...


Member since 2010
Sally Swain
Glebe, NSW, 2037
Creativity Joy Career coaching Coaching Love more...

Come home to your creative heart. Joy, nourishment, growth, clarity via art, writing, sound. Find out more

Member since 2019
Nicci Palmer
Glebe, NSW, 2037
Public speaking Guilt Telehealth Vision Energetic medicine more...

Nic Palmer I specialise in confidence and creativity coaching, helping people... Find out more

Member since 2004
North Sydney, NSW, 2060
Depression Fear Abuse Manipulation Goal setting more...

For all of your professional Art Therapy services in the greater North Sydney... Find out more

Member since 2006
Emma French
Maroubra Beach, NSW, 2035
Trauma Indecisiveness Physical pain Emotions Phobias more...

A creative approach to counselling, drawing on ancient and modern systems - allowing... Find out more

Member since 2014
Katherine Amber Murray
Surry Hills, NSW, 2010
Disconnection Hypnosis Goal setting Anxiety Transpersonal art therapy more...

Katherine is passionate about assisting people who are dealing with trauma, depression, anxiety, chronic... Find out more