Best Mindfulness Coaches in Thornleigh NSW

Suzanne Baty

SuzyQ Counsellor and Coach

Hornsby, NSW, 2077

Member since 2017

Are you connecting with your partner? Is your relationship fulfilling? Do you bring out the best or the worst in each other?

Tension Relaxation Stress management Face to face appointments Pets Personal issues Wellness Emotions Coaching Self-esteem

Gentle Art Therapy

Turramurra, NSW, 2074

Member since 2019

Expressive Arts Therapist

Love Bullying Perfectionism Autism Gender issues Obsessive Self-esteem Abuse Academic performance

Dani Divine Love

Crystal Healing, Sound Healing & Intuitive Guidance Readings

Hornsby, NSW, 2077

Member since 2020

Regain your vitality and let your angels enlighten you about goals in life.

Aura Personal growth Love Emotions Intuitive reading Holistic healing Oracle cards Belief systems Energy blocks Complementary

Joshua Rasco

Guided Meditation Classes

Hornsby, NSW, 2077

Member since 2010

Guided Meditation Classes - Online and in Roseville, Sydney

Asthma Tennis elbow Natural health Sciatica relief Lower back pain Crohn's disease Nervous system Parkinson's disease Anxiety Neck pain


Yvette Allen - Hypnotherapy, NLP & Time Line Therapy

Turramurra, NSW, 2074

Member since 2015

Turn your struggles into success

Mental health & wellbeing Self-help Hypnotherapist Personal breakthrough Overthinking Relationship issues Hypnotherapy training Anxiety coach Havening Resource therapy

Music Teacher

Marsfield, NSW, 2122

Member since 2022

Whether you’re a professional musician who wants to advance your music or you've never touched a musical instrument, Karen teaches students of all ages with an individualised approach. From learning the fundamentals to writing your own songs, Karen will unlock your creative rhythm! Schedule a class now!

Telehealth Online session Music lessons Sound bath Sound healing Singing bowls Healing drum Gong Anxiety Relaxation

Raj Prasad

About Clear Choice Counselling and Coaching

Castle Hill, NSW, 2154

Member since 2017

Clear Choice Counselling provides Proficient and Reasonable Counselling and Coaching working with you and your family in Western Sydney and around Sydney areas. We specialise in different Counselling services to offer solutions in Western Sydney, Parramatta and other Sydney areas.

Stress management Drug, alcohol & gambling Disabilities Coping with disability Abuse Domestic violence Anxiety Marriage conflicts

Shaolin Kung Fu Hung gar & Chi

Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu & Chi Gong Academy

Castle Hill, NSW, 2154

Member since 2011

Traditional Kung Fu training is unique as it covers the 3-aspects of a person, training the Mind, Body & Soul Hung Gar is For: Energy, Power, Fitness and Self defense through a lot of physical exercises and equipment Chi Gong is for: Mental calmness, Flowing movement to calm the mind & Relax the body through Deep breathing, Mindfulness and Chi generation of life force to energise and Heal the self.

Kung fu Health and fitness Relaxation Self-defense General health Calm Physical strength Hung gar Shaolin kung fu

Eri Totsuka

Eri Totsuka - Energy Healing

St Ives, 2075

Member since 2019

Energy Healing, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Spiritual Healing, Mindfulness, Access Bars, Holistic Counselling Online, Mindfulness Online, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Online, Energy Healing Online, Spiritual Healing Online

Facelifts Distance healing Purpose Energy work Energy Relaxation Stress management Business Weight management Alternative medicine

Jenetta Haim

Stressfree Management

Parramatta, 2150

Member since 2004

We are a natural therapies clinic that specialise in empowering you so you can get healthy and know how to stay healthy.

Trauma Vision Anger Pregnancy support Habits Motivation Supervision Healthy eating Lifestyle Menopause

Beata Eckerman

Lightness Of Heart

Seven Hills, NSW, 2147

Member since 2022

Emotional Healing and Mastery

Somatic emotional release Emotional healing Emotional trauma Clearing emotional baggage Emotional pain Emotional wellness Emotional well-being Depression Addiction Stuck

Marie Spencer-Rowland

About Wholistic Women's Warrior

Kellyville Ridge, NSW, 2155

Member since 2017

Even though you may want to move forward in your life, you may still have one foot on the brakes. The energy it takes to hang...

Physical abuse Stress management Spirituality Grief Shamanic healing Sadness Distance healing Growth Happiness Emotional trauma

Denise Warner

About Me

Pendle Hill, NSW, 2145

Member since 2017

I am a counsellor, coach and trainer based in Sydney, Australia. I have 19 years of clinical experience assisting families, couples, individuals, adolescents...

Depression Energy Vision Anger Person-centred Parenting Cravings Addiction Self-care Sports performance

Sonja Turner Wellness

Sonja Turner Wellness

Gladesville, NSW, 2111

Member since 2022

I am a certified health and wellness coach and I help Supermums like you create the balance they crave between the needs of their family and their own needs. Invest in yourself and discover the gift of better wellness, life balance and control over the way you live your life with your own professional coach.

Telehealth Health & wellness Weight management Lifestyle changes Mums health & wellbeing Behavior change Weight control Life balance Life purpose coaching Work-life balance

The Silva Method Australia

The Silva Method Australia - Intuition System

Concord, NSW, 2137

Member since 2017

Total intuitive living is the goal for every Silva student.

Business Creativity Happiness Life purpose Anger Decision making Purpose Well-being Fears Energy

Theresa Roldan

Guiding Sense Psychologist and Interventionist

Chatswood, NSW, 2067

Member since 2018

You may partake of our free well being tools and strategies through our instagram account: @guidingsensewalks Only Telehealth...

Loss Depression Chronic health issues Stress management Anxiety Phobias Parenting Self-esteem Bullying Pain management

Sestina Dos Santos

The Soulmate Connection - Connecting with Your Soul

Strathfield, NSW, 2135

Member since 2005

Sestina's compassionate and direct way of addressing whatever the real questions are or concerns are to heal and prescribe sound measures for better growth and healthy formation, lead me to say Sestina is actually a Doctor in the Psychic/Holistic Healing platform - (Testimonial FM Sydney) I believe God sent you to walk this life as a healer to others through your teachings. It truly takes a special woman to understand her path in life.Thank you...

Mentoring Hypnotherapist Energy Subconscious Personal growth Well-being Overwhelm Clairvoyant Complementary therapies Emotions

Rose Banham

How Can Rose Help You?

Crows Nest, NSW, 2065

Member since 2007

Counselling - Hypnotherapy - Reiki 'Create the consciousness you need to heal your past, enjoy your present, create your future'.

Personal growth Retirement Hypnotherapist Anger Depression Growth Immunity Subconscious Joy Nurturing

Sabina Rabold


Crows Nest, NSW, 2065

Member since 2012

Take more notice of what's going around you and learn to reduce your stress levels, with a professional Mindfulness Based Stressed Reduction Program or Consultation.

Habits Purpose Well-being Cancer management Gratitude Overwhelm Tension Vision Clinical supervision Mantra

Marcea Klein

Marcea Klein - Holistic Health Coaching and Counselling

Rozelle, NSW, 2039

Member since 2006

Gain more insight into yourself, your feelings, thoughts, and actions. Discover how you can benefit from professional unique and personalized Counseling or Coaching sessions.

Fears Stress management Exhaustion Anxiety Relationship issues Hormonal imbalance Infertility Menopause Depression Mediation

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