Best Breathwork Practitioners in Paddington QLD

Roz Priest

Naturopathy & Herbal Medicine

Brisbane, QLD, 4000

Member since 2004

Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Breathwork, Women's Health, Naturopathy Online, Breathwork Online, Herbal Medicine Online

Healthy ageing Gut Health Breathing retraining Chronic health issues Menopause Women's hormones Brain health Anxiety Stress management Naturopathic nutrition

Buteyko Health

Buteyko Health - Buteyko Breathing

Brisbane, QLD, 4000

Member since 2006

Improve your health & wellbeing by changing your breathing, when you organise your next professional Buteyko Breathing session with Brian here at Buteyko Health

Insomnia Health issues Stress management Infections Fatigue Allergies Circulation Anxiety Migraine Cramps

Bridget Kerr

Innervida - Emotional Freedom Techniques and Holistic Coaching

Brisbane, QLD, 4000

Member since 2021

RESULTS ARE GUARANTEED OR YOU DON'T PAY  Discounted packages available. We help you to heal and consciously create your truest self and the life you want. Working with the mind-body, subconscious and energy systems to balance limiting beliefs, restructure negative thought patterns, ill health, anxiety, trauma and more.

Anxiety Intimacy Health coaching Love Anger Autoimmune conditions Chronic health issues Subconscious Habits Lifestyle

Dr Angela Wilson

Politician & Performer

Brisbane, QLD, 4000

Member since 2012

 Results Don't Lie Access Now  Click here!

Psoriasis Regression therapy Heart failure Anxiety Death Happiness Schizophrenia Business Clinical hypnotherapy Energy

Valerie Perret

Massage tharapy with Valerie

Brisbane, 4000

Member since 2015

STRESS LESS WITH REGULAR MASSAGEGet out of the constant ache and bad postureAnd improve your stress resilience15% OFF when you buy 5 sessions -buy and book online

Menopause Fatigue Bloating Mindset Self-care Movement Weight management Private health Wellness Food sensitivities

Campbell Will

Physiotherapist & Wim Hof Method Instructor

Brisbane, QLD, 4000

Member since 2021

Can you live your best life if you were stress-free? Wouldn’t it be great to be in control of your body and mind, to sleep better, and have the energy and confidence to take on whatever comes your way? Contact Campbell for a free 30-minute consultation to learn how.

Emotional wellbeing Burnout Anxiety Stress management Work stress Sleep disorders Sleep health Pain management Chronic stress Body / mind rebalance

Riaz Peter

Mindset Change

Brisbane, QLD, 4000

Member since 2020

Mindset Coaching

Anger management Mindset coaching Confidence coaching Subconscious reprogramming Decision making Anxiety management Covid-related Covid-related anxiety Life crisis Energy blocks

Dr Neupane & Dr Bhandari

About Vibrant Ayurveda Wellness Center

West End, QLD, 4101

Member since 2009

Vibrant Ayurveda Wellness centre is one of the leading Ayurveda centres in Australia run by a team of experienced Ayurvedic practitioners and Vaidyas. It was founded in the bustling Brisbane inner-city suburb of west End since 2008, and has since expanded its services to Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast

Chakras Tension Stiffness Relaxation Lifestyle Stress management Fatigue Cleansing Restoring balance Tantra

Irenee Brooks

Intuitive Life Coaching, Pellowah Healing, Yoga & Meditation

Teneriffe, QLD, 4005

Member since 2020

Breathe, relax and connect with your inner self to regain the power to control your body, mind and spirit.

Anger Reading Negative emotions Decision making Resilience Self-esteem HeartMath Self-doubt Relaxation techniques Sadness

Evergreen Health Harmony Lifestyle

Evergreen Health Harmony Lifestyle - Kinesiology

Indooroopilly, QLD, 4068

Member since 2007

Practicing Kinesiology over 20 years. Mind Body Soul approach - Three in once concept - The one brain method. No matter what...

Learning disabilities Fears Arthritis Disabilities Hormonal imbalance Phobias Rehabilitation Trauma Back pain Fatigue

Hypnotist & Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner

Jimboomba, QLD, 4280

Member since 2022

You’ve tried everything, yet you're still back where you started? Are you looking for a way to take back control of your life and stop suffering from stress, anxiety, fear or phobias? With Drew’s help, you can overcome your restrictions and become yourself once again. Schedule your appointment today!

Telehealth Fears Hypnotherapist Neuro-linguistic programming techniques Anxiety Bereavement Self-confidence Exam preparation Releasing fear Phobias

Kim Mills

Club Funk

Hope Island, QLD, 4212

Member since 2021

Yoga (All), Sports Injury Therapy, Breathwork, Children's Health, BodyTalk

Posture Body alignment Stretching

Stacy Naumann

Bikram Yoga Southport

Ashmore, QLD, 4214

Member since 2022

Bikram Yoga is perfect for everyone, from beginners to the experienced. Come and practice with us and feel the life changing difference. Why the Heat? We use State-of-the-Art Infrared heating therapy. Infrared has so many rolls to help the human body. * Detoxify the body * Help with pain relief * Muscle tension * Skin purification * Improves circulation * Boosts the immune system * Lowers bloody pressure.

Yoga therapy Back pain Stretch therapy Meditation classes Anxiety Depression Posture Circulation Hormones Nervous system

Melissa Mammana

Couples & Individual Counselling; Multidimensional Frequency Healing

Buderim, QLD, 4556

Member since 2020

Learn how to use your innate power to shift your thoughts, feelings or behaviours, and realign them with your goals, desires, values, and life purpose. Melissa is a tertiary qualified counsellor (Bachelor BSW/Psych) who has worked in the field of psychology and counselling for 15 years assisting couples, as well individual clients. Melissa is also a holistic therapist and works with energy. Counselling and therapy will support you in your current...

Happiness Purpose Depression Grief Emotionally focused Resilience Self-esteem Mental health Trauma Well-being

Daniel Raccani

Shamanic Healing, Ancestral Healing, Soul Retrievals, Extraction/Spirit Release

Highland Park, NSW, 4211

Member since 2009

Various healing techniques offered to help you deal with any type of issues or negativity you have in your life.

Obesity Memory Eating disorders Sexual abuse Tantra Growth Migraine Spiritual growth Childhood trauma Headaches

Diana Hunter

Personal Development Consultant & Spiritual Healer

Sunshine Coast, QLD, 4560

Member since 2011

Diana is a Master Intuitive Healer and combines this together with her breadth of experience in personal development, spiritual healing practices, bodywork, and physical health to provide the insight, guidance and healing you need. Get in touch to learn...

Intuitive healing Fears Personal development Spiritual guide Medical intuition Angelic channel Akashic records reading Bodywork Australian bush flower essences Personal issues

Rowan Bradley

Individual Counselling, Couples Counselling & Family Constellations

Marcoola, QLD, 4564

Member since 2011

Get a genuine understanding of yourself and relationships.

Bodywork Neuroscience Relaxation Couples therapy Optimal health Abuse Well-being Telehealth Intimacy Anxiety

Rebecca Burling

Fusion Wellbeing - Yoga

Kelvin Grove, QLD, 4059

Member since 2013

Yoga is designed to improve the health and mental acuity.

Natural health Movement Coordination Habits Lower back pain Cancer management Health & wellness Business First aid training Flexibility

Briellen McAlpine

Briellen McAlpine | Breathwork, Yoga & Healing

Brisbane, QLD, 4000

Member since 2019

Be supported to change the ways you breathe, move, feel and live your life.   Embrace your natural self, initate your self...

Stress management Transformation Trauma Lifestyle Shamanic healing

Narelle Thomas

Daytime Yoga

West End, QLD, 4101

Member since 2016

Daytime Yoga offers gentle, nurturing general yoga classes in West End, Brisbane.

Relaxation Movement Yoga therapy Nurturing Back care Flexibility Stress management

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