The Taoist Qi-Gong Meditation School of W.A.

19 Rathmines pl
Coodanup WA 6210

Servicing area: Servicing Mandurah 6210, and all surrounding suburbs 6210

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Powerful and Genuine Internal Qi Cultivation.

Whole body internal cellular transcendence.

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Want to become one of the best Qi-Gong teachers in Australia with world wide recognition?   

Want to recive the very best professional education in Medical Qi-Gong instuction in Australia?

Or just looking for casual Qi-Gong lessons?

We provide it all here at this school with our Qi-Gong Teacher grading certification and education programme.

Or casual PAYG (Pay-as-you-go) 

Qi-Gong Lessons.

 We provide the following

Levels 1 to 7 of Taoist Qi Cultivation

  combined together with

   Levels 1 to 7 of Medical Qi-Gong Education.

Practical exam for each grading level held after 12 weeks of training once per week

3 months training = 1 full term.

One on one personal Qi-Gong training is also available upon request.

2M social distance rule applys at all times.


The Schools Medical Qi-Gong education computer cdr,s Levels 1 to 7

Or 2.0 USB stick

(Requires Adolbe Reader).


Location of practical classes.

Coodanup Collage school oval corner of Steerfoth Drive and Tankerton Way   Mandurah.


Practical class start times.

There are two class start times to choose from either 10.00am or 3.30pm. Each practical class takes up to 1 hour long and are available from Monday to Friday.


Day of your practical class.

Flexable depending upon your personal circumstances.


Minimum age acceped.

16 years old;


Beginner students can start at anytime during 2021, The school is closed in December and re-opens again in January of each year.

Enrol now for June 2021 and be quick. as class size is limited to 5 students max at a time.   



(Step 1)

Enrolment is taken by first booking a personal  appointment for youself.


Please click on the request a booking button (top left of our website page). 


At your appointment

(Step 2)

You will need to supply 1 (One) recient colour passport size photograph of yourself along with your student enrolment fee of $40.00.



Practical: 12X$10.00 per person per class.

$120.00 AUD

Theory: Education CDr 

$25.00 AUD or USB 2.0 stick $30.00 AUD


Total cost for starting at the school in 2021 is...

Student enrollment fee: 40.00 AUD

Classes x 12 = $120.00 AUD

Student Level 1 Education Theory Cdr $25.00

Total:  $185.00 AUD

Or with USB 2.0 stick: $190.00. AUD


For casual PAYG class students cost is:

$40.00 enrollment fee.

$10.00 per peson per class paid by cash on your class day. 

One education theroy computer cdr disk $25.00 or 2.0 USB stick $30.00 paid for at your appointment.



Theory education study is done on your own computer at home using either your computer Cd drive (if you have one) or with your Medical Qi-Gong Education USB 2.0 stick Levels 1-7. One for each level.


Education and Training provided by Taoist Priest and Taoist Qi-Gong Grand Master:

Barry Shane Wright

Celestial Masters Linage 

   "Zheng Yi Dao"

Internationally recognised by: The Chinese Taoist Association. White Cloud Taoist Temple Beijing P.R.China.

The National Qi Gong Chi Kung Associaton USA


Qi-Gong Institute


Please Note: We are a Professional Private Qi-Gong School with No Political connection. 

We do not speak "Mandarin" (Chinese language) here only Australian English.

We are the only Qi-Gong School in Australia that combines two (2) Qi-Gong School branches together that being Traditional Taoist Spiritual Qi-Gong and Traditional Chinese Medical Qi-Gong.

This gives our students a more comprehensive and complete system of training. Also We are the only Qi-Gong School in Australia That provides our students with professional Qi-Gong Theory. (How it works inside the body) not just the outside movments that are on all DVDs.

The Taoist Qi-Gong Meditation School of W.A.

What We Teach:

Eight Immortals Qi-Gong, aka (Ba Xian Qi-Gong).

As Traditionaly Taught to Practicing Taoists at the "Eight Immortals Taoist Palace" in Xi'An, Shaanxi Province. PRC. Also knowen Internationally as the "BA XiAN An" Taoist Temple.  


    • Levels 1-5 (Small Qi Circulation) 

    • Levels 6-7 (Grand Qi Circulation)

    • Levels 1-7 Traditional Taoist Neidan Qi-gong Training.

    •  Level 6-7 Is "Bone/marrow Washing Qi-gong".
    • (White blood cells Health Immunity Levels)


    • Advanced Taoist Golden Elixer Training Method
    • (Traditional Taoist Internal Alchemy)

    • Wei Qi Liao Fa Gong- Medical Qi-gong
    • (Qi Projection)

    • 1-7 Neidan Qi Re-enforcing Massage Techniques.
    • (Dao-Yin) 

Community Health Services Provided


  • Natural Health Patient/Client Medical Assessments


  • Personalized Medical Qi-Gong Heath programmes


  • Medical Qi-Gong Patient/Client Home visits


    • Tao Te Ching Personal Guidance Readings

    • 5 Elements Feng Shui For Your Home/business 

    • Commission Based Personal Taoist Talismans

    • Taoist Interseading Chants (Shrine Rites)

    • Wei Qi Liao Fa Gong/ Personal Qi Healing

    • Wei Qi Liao Fa Gong/ Long Distance Qi Healing


    • Understanding Qi (Energy) Flow In The Meridians.

    • Understanding the flow from Wu-Wei to Wu-Ji to Yin/Yang.

    • Understanding The 5 Elements, and their relationships.  

    • Understanding Chinese Philosophy. (Harmony and Focus).

    • Understanding Chinese Energetic Healing.

    • Understanding Neurological Bio-Electricity (Brain Qi)

    • Understanding what is Jing,Qi, and Shen.

    • Understanding the Three Dan-Tiens. (Energy centers) 

Products For Sale 

    •  Student Education, CD-R. PDF/Adolby/foundation theory (for computer CD drive) or on USB 2.0 stick. 

    •  Student Education, CD-R. PDF/Adolby/Qi-circulation. 1-7 (for computer CD drive) or on USB 2.0 stick.

    •  Student CD-R's are $25.00 each or on USB 2.0 stick $30.00 each. Author: Barry Shane Wright © 2000.

    •  Levels 1-7 CD-R or USB only available to Registered Students.

    •  A practical exam must be passed for each grading level, before students are able to purchace The next higher Level CD-R or USB 2.0 stick. 

    •  Students School Uniform (shirt top only) Small to XXL. Minimum of 2 (Two) new students before new order is taken.


    • Taoist Feng Shui 5 Element Candels are now avalable for purchase for home use or for your buissness. 


Within the School 

White Dragon Medical Qi Gong Clinic 

    • Wei Qi Liao Fa Gong (Personal Qi Healing)

    • Qi Gong Tuina (Personal Qi Healing) 

    • Medical Qi Gong Health Assesments 

White Dragon Taoist Shrine, (Not open to the public) 

    • Zheng Yi Dao, Traditional Taoist Shrine Rites. 

    •  Taoist Chanting (praying)

    •  Interceding Chants for individuals on behalf of loved ones.

    •  Taoist Meditation.

Updates On Qi Gong Health Research

    • Ancient Internal Spiritual Qi Alchemy

    • Within The Body Our Method

5 -
The Water Is Placed Inside The Cauldron (Ding) Fire Qi Brings It To The Boil Creating Steam Wich Rises Your Refined Qi To The Next Higher Dan-tien.
4 -
The Breath (Reverse Cycle Breathing) Creates Ding
3 -
The Acid Breaks Down The Qi And Divides It Yin/yang
2 -
The Plant Has Absorbed Qi From The Sun, It Is Then Eaten And Burnt By Your Stomach Acid
1 -
the Ground Is Below Your Feet- Ground Yourself

5 -
Water-blue- Kidneys-yang/bladder-yin, Qi In Cells
4 -
Metal- Lungs-yang/large Intestines-yin, Qi In Breath
3 -
Fire-red- Heart-yang/pericardium-yin, Qi In Blood
2 -
Wood-green-liver-yang/gallbladder-yin, Qi In Plants
1 -
Earth-yellow-stomach-yang/spleen Yin, Qi In Ground

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Qualification details

Bachelor of health Science: BA,hs, Traditional Chinese Medicine. (TCM) + sub course in (Medical Qi-Gong) in Semester 3 By the: Australian Collage of Natural Health Sciences. Graduated on 21/7/2000. 4 year course, Nationally Recognised Training. (Please Note) The Endeavour Collage of Natural Health/Perth Branch. brought out the Australian Collage of Natural Health Sciences in 2001, and after changed the 4 year course Name to "Bachelor of Acupunture" cutting out the Medical Qi-Gong component... they later moved the collage from Piccadilly Square in East Perth to where they are now at 170 Wellington Street, Perth 6000.

Ordination: Taoist Priest. Zheng Yi Dao. Celestial Masters branch, by Taoist Master: Li Wang, at the Pu-Xin Temple, Perth, Western Australia. on the 20/7/1999. 

Coaching Principals Certificate: level 1. (NCAS) National Coaching Accreditation Scheme: Coaching Foundation of Western Australia. Australian Coaching Council. Inc. 3/10/1999.

Regional Representative:  "Australia" For and on behalf of "The National Qi-Gong Association-USA.

Regional Representative:  "State of Western Australia" For and on behalf of "The National Qi-Gong Association-USA.


Past Professional Memberships: Traditional Chinese Medicine Associations.

Australian Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Association: East Perth, Western Australia.
2003-2010. Professional Membership, Qi-Gong and Tui-Na Therapy practitioner.

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