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Dorothea Bassett


Thornlie, WA, 6108

Member since 2004

Live and Learn! Tune in and tune up your life!

Energy Nurturing Cleansing Health assessment Energetic medicine Coordination Essential oils Sadness Arthritis Learning difficulties

Helen Leeks

Helen Leeks

Riverton, WA, 6148

Member since 2009

Are you suffering from chronic joint or muscle pain? Don't put up with it any longer!

Headaches Infections Rehabilitation Ankle pain Migraine Stiffness Stress management Vertigo Fibromyalgia Knee pain


Overview - About Us

East Victoria Park, WA, 6101

Member since 2010

Tailor-made sessions to help you when life gets a bit chaotic and you feel overwhelmed and stressed, no matter what the cause or what the issue. Working with Children, Teens, Adults and Pets. SEE THE NOVEMBER SPECIALS

Well-being Spiritual development Cleansing Shame Trauma Tapping Abuse Joy Chakras Physical pain

Christie Browning

Holistic Bliss Kinesiology & Reiki

Applecross, WA, 6153

Member since 2013

Balancing Mind, Body and SoulHolistic Bliss provides a health and wellness service that will leave you feeling happier, healthier...

Spiritual guidance Anti-aging Grief Bodywork Belief systems Fatigue Self awareness Feet Online course Restoring balance

Empowered Kinesiology

Kinesiologist for Physical, Mental and Emotional Health

Ardross, WA, 6153

Member since 2022

Stress is a part of everyday life. If not managed properly, it can cause imbalances in the mind, body, and spirit, including anxiety, depression, digestive disorders, skin complaints, reproductive issues and more. Achieving true wellbeing requires identifying and resolving these underlying issues. Book a consultation now to get started!

Migraine Muscle testing Functional kinesiology Digestive disorders Digestive issues Nutritional deficiency Fatigue / tiredness Fatigue Hormonal imbalance Hormonal health

Christie Browning

Holistic Bliss Kinesiology

Booragoon, WA, 6154

Member since 2017

Welcome to Holistic Bliss Kinesiology Are you feeling tired? Stressed or anxious? Low in energy? Experiencing muscle pain/Headaches? Or suffering with digestive or hormonal issues? Kinesiology at Holistic Bliss can help your mind and body find its natural balance.

Libido Complementary Insomnia Tension Relaxation Stress management Sleep issues Phobias Energy Joint pain

Katy Furnival

Inner Balance Kinesiology

Maida Vale, WA, 6057

Member since 2008

Tried everything? Try Kinesiology

Love Irritability Muscular pain Reading Movement Binge drinking Well-being Emotions Fears Trauma

Sarah Arbon

Nadi Inner Healing

Attadale, WA, 6156

Member since 2021

As a Nutritional Kinesiology Practitioner, I can assist you towards healing your body naturally, with the basis of energy balancing to ease your health concerns. This can include nutritional imbalances, energy production / blockages and digestive issues. These can include balance techniques to almost 300 nutrients by applying kinesiology to biochemical pathways, diet and supplements.

Nutritional deficiency Heavy metals Nutritional kinesiology De-stressing nutritional products Chakras balancing Depression Fatigue Energy Microbiome Detoxification

Chandana Ayurveda

Chandana Ayurveda Health & Healing

Melville, WA, 6156

Member since 2013

Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Kinesiology, Swedish/Relaxation Massage, Natural Fertility Management, Flower Essences, Weight Loss, Indian Head Massage, Cupping, Children's Health

Coaching Essential oils Hay fever Anxiety Face massage Disc related pain Circulation Reading Lifestyle Asthma

Vicki Rodgers

About You Kinesiology

Kardinya, WA, 6163

Member since 2014

About You Kinesiology is just that all about you.

Stress management Trauma Joy Subconscious Well-being Telehealth Natural medicine Mediation Belief systems Emotions

Lee-Anne MacLeod

Brain Gym & Kinesiology Centre of W.A

Palmyra, WA, 6157

Member since 2004

My specialty is Brain Gym, Kinesiology & Neuro-Kinesiology. Working from a Medical Surgery in Palmyra plus our clinic in Nedlands. I stimulate your bodies own ability to heal itself by using movement, touch and energetic science. This empowers the individual to help him/herself while gaining confidence and control again!

Dyspraxia Business Vision Stress management Assessments Auditory processing Movement Joy Central auditory processing Parkinson's disease

Natura Acupuncture Clinic

Natura Acupuncture Clinic

Kalamunda, WA, 6076

Member since 2010

Natura Acupuncture Clinic is your local acupuncture and wellness clinic, where Chinese Medicine and Western therapies merge.

Tapping Negative emotions Energy Well-being Matrix reimprinting Memory Emotions Assessments Love

Glenda Napier

Kinesiology for Pain, Emotional Trauma, PTSD, etc.

Kalamunda, WA, 6076

Member since 2016

Kinesiology is an alternative method of healing, natural, drug-free. This acts on our energy field & takes us to a more comfortable...

Collagen Facials Wellness Love Back massage Depression Anti-aging Addiction Fitness Pedicure

Healing Energy

Healing Energy - Kinesiology

West Perth, WA, 6005

Member since 2004

Treat your aches & pains with a professional Kinesiology Treatment from Healing Energy. Available in 2 locations - Sydney & Perth

Anxiety Intimacy Fears Aura Personal growth Trauma Joy Intuitive healing Pain relief Jaw problems

Happy and Well Kinesiology

Life Empowering Kinesiologist, Mindfulness Coach & Womens Wellness Advocate

Fremantle, WA, 6160

Member since 2021

Melinda is a qualified and deeply intuitive kinesiologist and trained mindfulness coach who delivers transformative energetic medicine sessions and classes to clients worldwide. Through deep energetic space holding and by sharing techniques gleaned through many years of study, in clinic practice, life experience & commitment to her own daily practice Melinda supports her clients to reclaim their health and wellness and to achieve their deepest aspirations.

Telehealth Mental health & wellbeing Online consultations Online session Physical pain Emotional trauma Clearing emotional blocks Clearing emotional baggage Spiritual growth Spiritual development

Jane Ponsonby

Toe to Heel Reflexology - Kinesiology

Perth, 6000

Member since 2005

I use Kinesiology-style muscle testing in Vacuflex and Reflexology and it is included at the end of every session to detect and correct postural imbalances.

Neck pain Hip pain Headaches Arthritis Aches & pains Infertility Emotional wellbeing Anxiety Inflammation Indigestion

Lana Volodina

Natural Healing & Scenar Therapy

Yokine, WA, 6060

Member since 2006

I am very keen to help people using my experience in traditional medicines. I specialty in traditional medicine and detox, which is a unique and ancient therapy used to assist people with health problems for hundreds of years. I would like to bring this knowledge to anyone who has any chronic and acute condition or who would like advice with any health issue.

Scenar therapy Pain relief Anger management Arthritis Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) Assistive technologies Depression Acne Allergies Energy

Chelsea Chiropractic

Chelsea Chiropractic - Our Wellness Team

Nedlands, WA, 6009

Member since 2017

Brian specialises in helping relieve back/pelvic dysfunction & shoulder conditions ........  

Energy Purpose Lifestyle Essential oils Rehabilitation Myoskeletal Biomechanics Stress management Massage therapy Joy

Renata Jurza

Renata Jurza Holistic Kinesiology

Subiaco, WA, 6008

Member since 2006

"We are beginning to understand in medical science the degree to which nature of thoughts and emotions actually determines the physical substance and structure and function of our bodies" Dr.John Hagelin, Quantum Physicist (Secret)

Dyslexia Goal setting Intolerance Sports performance Phobias Transformation Subconscious Stress management Allergies Memory

Charmaine Doonan

Charmaine Doonan Kinesiology

Wembley, WA, 6014

Member since 2010

EXPERIENCE YOUR HIGHEST POTENTIAL Enhance learning/Eliminate emotional, physical & mental stress/Anxiety/Asthma/Allergies/Headaches/Digestive...

Energy Anxiety Headaches Self-esteem Frustration Parenting Stress management Joy

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