Best Moxibustion Practitioners in Australia

Josie Grech

Care Clinic Bondi Junction

Maroubra, NSW, 2035

Member since 2004

Josie specialises in treating musculo-skeletal issues, fertility pregnancy, childbirth, stress and anxiety including digestive function. Josie has clinics at Bondi Junction and Maroubra Beach. Josie is an acupuncturist and uses remedial massage as an adjunct to acupuncture treatment. Josie has over 30 years experience.

Anxiety Sleep disorders Menstruation Menopause Pregnancy support Stress management Acupuncture pregnancy support Musculoskeletal therapy Pregnancy related musculoskeletal pains Musculoskeletal pain

Paul Nebauer

Local & Distal Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Bellingen, NSW, 2454

Member since 2018

Get back to your active & pain-free life. When you seek relief from pain or relieve stress, anxiety, or emotional issues, Paul can help treat the underlying cause and help your body heal itself from the inside out. Schedule an acupuncture treatment with Paul.

Arthritis Cataracts Anxiety Knee problems Headaches Mental health Macular degeneration Migraine Chinese herbal medicine Depression

Rosalba D'Agostino

Alba Therapies

Maleny, QLD, 4552

Member since 2019

Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Herbal Medicine, Laser Therapy, Cupping, Moxibustion, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Online, Herbal Medicine Online

Smoking cessation Anxiety Asthma Schizophrenia Energy Acute pain Pain relief Depression Stroke Elbow pain


Cend Oriental Clinic

Berwick, VIC, 3806

Member since 2016

Cend Oriental Clinic follows the teaching of the forefathers, professionally applied classical prescriptions, save lives, provide health services including personal and family health consultation, individual tailored treatment and short term convalesce.

Arthritis Depression Melasma Uterine fibroids Hay fever Stroke Hypertension Insomnia Scleroderma Continence


Narture - Acupuncture

Spearwood, WA, 6163

Member since 2011

Treat What Ails You The Natrual Way, With A Professional Acupuncture Treatment At Narture In Spearwood.

Flexibility Bronchitis Haemorrhoids Massage therapy Relaxation Eczema Frozen shoulder Rehabilitation Varicose veins Lifestyle

Jae Young Shim


Meadowbank, NSW, 2114

Member since 2008

In BUJA TCM clinic, we provide oriental herbal medicine, Acupuncture and Chinese remedial massage services for many illnesses...

Facial Autoimmune disease Lifestyle Shoulder pain Indigestion Endometriosis Addiction Weight management Tension Immunity

Emmanuel Boumard

When in need of Good Trusted Caring Hands

Strathfield, NSW, 2135

Member since 2005

With over 30yrs experience, I provide CARE = Customer Assistance  in Recovery & Empowerment .  

Pain relief Metabolic balance Insomnia Scar tissue Relaxation Stress management Sleep disorders Rapid pain relief Fitness Chinese herbal medicine

Benjamin Deutscher

Malvern Natural Health Care - Remedial Massage

Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Member since 2004

Remedial Massage | Bowen Therapy   With over 30 years clinical experience Benjamin Deutscher combines a range of styles to suit each person's personal needs. WIth an intuitive ability to treat muscle, joint and spinal conditions you are in great hands. Each treatment is tailored to your specific needs and may include relaxation, remedial or other treatments combined into one session.  

Menopause Alopecia Love Sporting performance Health assessment Allergies Hay fever Sciatica Corrective exercise Cellular health

Chi Balance Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Chi Balance Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine - Acupuncture Treatments

Midland, WA, 6056

Member since 2014

 Step to better health in a natural way, when you organise your next professional Acupuncture Treatment at Chi Balance Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine. Natural Fertility Management sessions are also available

Flexibility Health issues Lifestyle Gong Osteoporosis Asthma Energy Bodywork Circulation Chinese herbal medicine

Heidi Yuen

About Us

Balwyn, VIC, 3103

Member since 2015

We are dedicated to restoring your health in the natural way.

Candida Wellness Happiness Complementary Energy Lifestyle Complementary medicine Chinese herbal medicine Movement Love

Monika Habicht

Holistic Healing Centre

Glebe, NSW, 2037

Member since 2007

The Genki Centre specialises in treating medical problems that have failed to respond to other treatments with the principles and methods of TCM. To promote effective healing and complete your wellbeing, treatment plans are integrated with those of your own other healthcare providers. Call to book your session today!

Chinese herbal medicine Japanese acupuncture Somatic psychotherapy Trauma counselling

Anthea Watson

Sea of Qi Acupuncture

Stafford, QLD, 4053

Member since 2017

Sea of Qi Acupuncture is committed to help you improve and restore your physical, emotional and mental health. Highly experienced...

Energy Acute pain Pelvic floor Incontinence Chronic pain Stress management Pregnancy support Tension Health issues Emotions

Acupuncture Fitzroy - About

178 Kerr ST, FITZROY, VIC, 3065

Member since 2020

In the heart of Fitzroy, Melbourne, we offer acupuncture, and Chinese herbal medicine.

Fatigue Pregnancy support Stress management Health goals Pain management Chinese herbal medicine Love

Pamela Baker

Pamela Baker

Sydney, NSW, 2000

Member since 2008

Specialties: IBS and other digestive disorders.Mood dysfunction.Fertility, menstrual and menopausal problemsFacial Rejuvenation Acupuncture, Scalp acupuncture and Anti-ageing Program.

Menstrual pain Circulation Collagen Sinus Food intolerance Anxiety Transformation Tinnitus Digestive health Menopause


LU'S ACUPUNCTURE AND HERBAL CLINIC - Acupuncture, Moxibustion & Cupping

Doncaster, VIC, 3108

Member since 2012

Here at Lu's Acupuncture and Herbal Clinic, we offer natural alternatives to drug-based approaches by using traditional Chinese therapies. Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Cupping have been documented to provide relief from pain and illness for thousands...

Menopause Dermatitis IVF support Sciatica Insomnia Urticaria Sinus Smoking cessation Herpes Hay fever

Sunbury Chinese Medicine

Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner

Sunbury, VIC, 3429

Member since 2016

Traditional Chinese Medicine supports the harmonious functions of the body, mind and spirit. Treating the body holistically is the first step towards optimum health when imbalance manifests in specific illnesses. Contact the clinic for more information...

Chronic pain Acute pain Chinese herbal medicine Fertility acupuncture Five elements acupressure Women's wellness Massage therapy

Dr Chung Lin

Chung's Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Carlton

Carlton, VIC, 3053

Member since 2006

Dr Chung Hsiu Lin is a fully qualified and AHPRA registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner that practices in Carlton. Drawing...

Fatigue Complementary medicine Addiction Chinese herbal medicine Snoring Hair loss Hay fever Aches & pains Infections Arthritis

The Healing Point

About Us

Fremantle, WA, 6160

Member since 2005

Welcome to The Healing Point A highly skilled Acupuncturist and Herbalist, Melissa is adept at using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) modalities to strategically treat a wide selection of health conditions.

Trauma Stiffness Colic Relaxation Learning difficulties Shoulder pain Stress management Energy Gua sha Stretches

Jenny Chou and Yong Sun TCM Clinic

Jenny Chou and Yong Sun TCM Clinic

Prospect, SA, 5082

Member since 2015

Previously known as Jenny Chou Clinic since 1992, has helped thousands of peoples recover from chronic conditions for the last 23 years.

Fatigue Posture Chinese herbal medicine Infertility Therapeutic massage Hormones Chronic health issues Fertility issues Habits Digestive system

Ernestina Burchmore

Fairwater Health and Wellness - Pain Management

Windsor, NSW, 2756

Member since 2004

Pain is the most widely researched indication for acupuncture, with hundreds of well designed clinical trials involving thousands of patients leading to firm conclusions on efficacy and positive health outcomes.

Back pain Lifestyle Hormonal imbalance Relaxation Pregnancy support Neck pain Stress management Pain management Wellness Energy

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