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Are you interested in the concept of the mind/body paradigm and how knowledge of this sphere can be used to bring about healing? Enrolling in a course of study can equip you with the necessary skills to explore this dimension more fully and even lead to a career as a spiritual healing practitioner.
Spiritual healing is often studied under the umbrella of energetic healing which works with the human energy field to develop a greater awareness and participation in healing and personal growth.

Spiritual Healing Study Options

Schools and colleges offering spiritual healing will typically have a range of study options to choose from, ranging from short/day program, evening classes, weekend and part or full time study. The academic level will generally be reflected in the length of the spiritual healing course, with introductory days leading into Certificate and Diploma level courses. You will also need to decide between distance learning or campus-based study. If you are unable to attend a course the distance option is an increasingly stimulating and attractive alternative. This is largely due to the development of online resources which allow real-time access to lectures and contact with tutors, trainers and lecturers.

Spiritual Healing Study Checklist

It is worth investigating any school, college or spiritual healing course provider thoroughly to ensure that they meet your requirements. This includes the following aspects:

  • Accreditation: accreditation of your spiritual healing course allows you to practice nationally and acquire professional membership, amongst other benefits.

  • Cost: enquire if the school or college offering the spiritual healing course is registered with a student loan scheme such as VET FEE-HELP. This can help to defer all or part of your tuition fees.

  • Career options: make sure the spiritual healing course you intend enrolling in is able to provide you with the necessary academic qualification to pursue your career objectives.

Make an enquiry now with a spiritual healing course provider using the resources on this site.

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