Stone Therapy Massage Courses

Stone Therapy Massage Courses (Australia)

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Our experienced trainers teach you to confidently deliver a full 1½ hour hot stone massage treatment including how to heat, clean & care for your

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Join us for this 5 day intensive training program and experience the profound healing effects of Hawaiian lomi lomi massage! Learn new massage skills, gain...

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FAQs About Stone Therapy Massage Courses

What types of stones are best for hot stone massage?

Massage therapists prefer to use either volcanic rocks, marine stones or limestones because of their mineral properties. Basalt stone, a type of volcanic rock, is a popular choice for hot stone massage as it relieves stress and induces relaxation. On the other hand, cold stones, such as marble, reduces inflammation and improves circulation.

Is hot stone massage safe?

Yes, receiving a hot stone massage from a trained therapist is safe. Even pregnant women or cancer patients can benefit from this modality so long as they work only with a certified massage therapist who knows the various contraindications for stone massage.

Does a hot stone massage release toxins?

Yes, it certainly does. A hot stone massage relaxes the muscles and improves circulation. During this process, the body releases toxins. That is why massage therapists would remind their clients to drink plenty of water after a session to wash off the waste material as well as rehydrate their bodies.

Where do you put hot stones?

Depending on the technique used during the massage therapy session, the stones are typically placed along the spine and lower extremities. If the client is lying down on their back, the therapist will put the stones on their face, chest, stomach, feet and toes.

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