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LightenUP Stress & Trauma Healing

Pamela Hunt

4 Killala Ave
4 Killala Ave
Ballina NSW 2478

Servicing area: Ballina, Byron Bay, Lismore & Surrounds

LightenUP Stress & Trauma Healing

We were all born to be happy, it's just that a little thing called programming got in the way! Why not invest in EFT Life Coaching to change all your limiting belief systems into one giant positive magnet! Infact book now for your free 30 min consultation to discuss what I can do for you!

LightenUP - Counselling & Life Coaching


What is Life Coaching with EFT?

To support all facets of your life you must analyse your individual circumstances in small pieces. We can usually categorise them into areas such as:


    • Relationships


    • Health (physical)


    • Mental/emotional wellbeing


    • Career


    • Spirituality


    • Finances

All these areas must be balanced for you to feel that life is on your side and a general sense of what it means to experience happiness and wellbeing!

Here's where EFT Life Coaching comes into its own, over the course of 12 months we look into every aspect of your life, investigate the reasons why you think and act the way you do and afterward CHANGE that unsupportive programming into a positive program that really works for you, it's on YOUR side!

This is where your life truly improves! As every negative program is replaced you become open to and attract opportunities, better health, finances, relationships etc

On the off chance that you have considered being supported by somebody who is there for you 100%, or entertained the possibility that your life truly could improve then EFT Life Coaching could well be your answer!

Let me show you how to:                


    • Overcome obstacles with clarity


    • Gain empowerment


    • Feel inspired and excited about the future


    • Take control of your life – for good


For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call!



Qualification Details

Diploma Professional Counselling (AIPC) Certified EFT Practitioner II Reiki I

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