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Anne-Marije Bussink

The Inner Harmony Project

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Anne-Marije from ‘The Inner Harmony Project’ has a passion for helping women cultivate authentic and harmonious relationships in their lives through the practical skills of Dr. Thomas Gordon's effective communication programs.

The Inner Harmony Project * Effective Communication programs * Family constellation work *

Servicing area

Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula

Focus areas

Stress management Well-being Communication skills Communication Peace Assertiveness training



Inner Harmony Circles * The Inner Harmony Program * Effective Communication Skills for Parents * Book Club * The Inner Harmony Retreat * Effective Communication Retreats * Holistic Counselling * Group facilitation 

What does it mean to be in harmony with oneself?

  • Being at peace with all that has come before, is now and will be
  • Being aligned on all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually
  • Being radiant and in touch with your own creative, inner muse
  • Embrace and connect to your mojo and feeling truly alive
  • Allowing Grace to guide you through life
  • Being in harmony with your ancestry
  • Enjoying true wellbeing in your life: all-ways!

Holistic Counselling & Family Constellation work

What is holistic counselling?

Holistic counselling is a way of looking at a client in a holistic way and on all levels:

physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. In holistic counselling the practitioner holds the space for the client in a way that mirrors back their whole-ness.

The sessions are client-based which means that the impetus comes from the client. All the answers are to be found within, sometimes all you need is someone to help you find them.

Together with the client I look at the reason why he/she has come to me, the situation the client finds his/her self in presently. Then together we investigate what the core issues are which led to the presenting issue. It is an individual and unique process and no two clients are the same!

Results of these sessions can be and are not limited to:

  • Sense of peace on all levels
  • Relief from anxiety, worry and stress
  • Tools to support yourself when challenged in everyday life
  • Learning of invaluable tools to emotionally support yourself
  • Transformation of limitations by going within
  • Newfound clarity of the next steps in career, in love and in life


Individual sessions via Zoom:

  • First consultation 1,5 hr = $150
  • Follow up sessions 1 hr = $100


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