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Wellness From Within

June Brown

Unit 3 Bentons Rd
Mornington VIC 3931

Servicing area: Mornington Peninsula

Wellness From Within

Call June for an appointment - if you are looking for relationship counselling, don't wait until the damage is worse and you can't turn back and heal your relationship.

EFT Practitioner & Psychologist

Who is June Brown?

As I work for clients, my life experience and my own recovery and personal development experience, as well as my 10 years of professional education, counseling and working with people in my private practice, are based on my experience. I love my work and I am devoted to making the most of my skills and knowledge so that you can get a successful result.

I have a degree in Holistic Counselling and have been employed for two years at Lifeline and for four years at Open Doors (pregnancy loss). I am currently doing a Master's Degree in Counselling for Couples in Swinburne and have already earned my Diploma in Couples Counselling, which involves lessons completion in Swinburne and Relationships in Australia. I love interacting with families as I realise how important practical and healthy it is for the family and their children to create a stable home environment. I want to deal with sadness and motivate others to conquer their fear and sorrow. Men's problems also bring interest to me. 

Through taking part in weekly peer support groups and completing daily professional development workshops, I have a consistent contribution to my professional development and practice level. As a consultant it has taken a long time, commitment, self-reflection, dedication and learning will always continue and the process is constant.

What are People Saying About Us? 

The counselling sessions were very helpful as they gave me a clear understanding of what was happening and why I was having panic attacks and how I could overcome these overwhelming and frightening feelings.
- Alison Freeman

During the counselling process, I have felt comfortable and it has helped me to put my situation into perspective. Counselling has also helped me to gain self-confidence and self-respect. I wish I had done it years ago. If I had come to counselling when I was pregnant, it would have changed my perspective, outlook and decision about my choices. My life would be different now. I have realised through personal experience that just having valuable counselling is.
- Amanda Alford 

We both felt that the counselling sessions with you (June) were extremely beneficial, and have allowed us to move on with our lives and focus on where we will go from here.” Roger also said. And you are quite right. We both feel closer to each other now and that our relationship is stronger since getting a better understanding of ourselves and how we made false assumptions and judgements about each other. Counselling has given us awareness and skills to manage difficulties in the future. Thanks again for your invaluable guidance, input, and mediation.
- Roger Greenwood

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