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Optimum Learning & Health Centre

Anke Koelman, Spec. Nat., MHSc

Optimum Learning & Health Centre

Adelaide, SA, 5000

Member since 2005

Anke has over 30 years of experience as a Kinesiologist and Naturopathic practitioner. Her passion is to identify and resolve the cause(s) of chronic diseases and conditions in both adults & children. She has specialised in reversing the course of Autism, Allergies, Anxiety, Alzheimers and other neurological conditions.

Online consultations Attention deficit Attention deficit disorder (ADD) Complementary Assessments Parkinson's Energy Anxiety Parkinson's disease Communication skills
Brilliant Living Solutions - Mineral Therapy & Facial Diagnostics

Brilliant Living Solutions

Brilliant Living Solutions - Mineral Therapy & Facial Diagnostics

Broadview, SA, 5083

Member since 2009

Susan is an Institute qualified Biochemic Therapist using Facial Diagnostics. Providing the body with minerals (that are found to be deficient) can help to restore the immune system and enable the body to function as it should.

Anxiety Chronic skin conditions Emotional wellbeing Self-esteem Lower back pain Sciatica Energy Fatigue Depression Obsessive

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