Best Biofeedback Practitioners in Kalamunda WA

Audrey Russell Naturopath Perth

Kalamunda, WA, 6076

Member since 2021

Restore your wellbeing by uncovering the root causes of your health problems and restoring your body’s balance using nutritional therapy, herbal medicine, acupuncture, biofeedback, and other scientifically proven approaches. Find out naturopathy can help you with your health issues by contacting Audrey today!

Skin needling Western herbal medicine Naturopathic nutrition Personalised nutrition Nutritional deficiency Nutritional medicine Lifestyle changes Diet Fertility issues Migraine

Tamara Herman

What I Do - Transform your Mind, Body and Emotions

Canning Vale, 6155

Member since 2005

Tamara has studied and practiced Natural Medicine for more than 25 years. Her clinic uses the latest in SCIO BioEnergy testing.

Diarrhoea Muscular pain Injury recovery Detoxification Wellness Telehealth Energy Hay fever Arthritis Purpose

Learn how your food, exercise, sleep & stress affects your health based on your glucose biomarkers.

Now available for non-diabetics.

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Betterhealth Naturopathic Clinic

Betterhealth Naturopathic Clinic - SCENAR/PHYSIOKEY

Perth, WA, 6000

Member since 2006

The latest development in pain relief technology

Energy Habits Nervous system Depression Cravings Wellness Irritability Lymphedema Leg pain Inflammation

Sepideh Harris

Inner Balance And Harmony - Final resolution for all re-occurring pain, symptoms and ailments. Emoti

Perth, WA, 6000

Member since 2021

BodyTalk holds that each human being is comprised of countless links between their physical body, their mind, emotions, experiences, enviornment, traumas, belief systems, living conditions and energy centres. The intact combination of all these links collectively make up each person's optimal state of existence.  

Fears Telehealth Anxiety Back pain Inflammation Fertility issues Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) COVID related anxiety, stress, trauma & bereavement Stress management Pain management

Karen Creighton

Karen Creighton

Perth, WA, 6000

Member since 2022

As a practitioner of Naural Health for over 35 years, I include many tools at my disposal. To help you achieve your MInd, body, and spiritual goals. My passion is to share/teach you how to heal yourself, plus support you along the way. We can meet on the phone, on Zoom or if you are in Northland NZ in person. We can also arrange workshops, no matter where you are - workshops on Zoom or in person.

Telehealth Hormonal imbalance Trauma Pets Energy Chakra balancing Aura Joy Emotions Supplements

Goldie Wildheart

Alchemy Sound Healing - Harmonic Patterns realigned + restored with intuitive sound frequencies

Karrinyup, WA, 6018

Member since 2017

If you long to awaken the wisdom that lives in the bones of your being, who seeks to restore purpose and flow in your life, this...

Heart coherence Embodiment Spiritual awakening Chronic pain Mood improvement Trauma Subconscious Grief Belief systems Sadness

Donna Rowe

Donna Christine Amelioration - Kinesiology

Armadale, WA, 6112

Member since 2014

I will provide a safe, understanding environment to assist you in identifying your issues and bringing your mind, body & soul...

Aches & pains Anxiety Energy Pain relief Anger Depression Self-esteem Stress management Sadness Empath

Emma Chamberlain

Love Healing

Applecross, WA, 6153

Member since 2015

Enhancing your Inner Peace Have you ever wondered if you could take a look at your past and make significant changes to create...

Asthma Weight management Reproductive health Pain management Energy Addiction Stress management Learning difficulties Memory Love

Nonie Cockram

Perth Kinesiology

Winthrop, WA, 6150

Member since 2016

Nonie is a highly qualified Kinesiologist who can help you reduce stress, improve energy and wellbeing.

Candida Health issues Physical pain Depression Allergies Vitality Hormones Well-being Asthma Energy

Madaleen Espach


Mindarie, WA, 6030

Member since 2018

I am a Naturopath, specialising in nutrition and herbal medicine.Holistically supporting my clients on their journey to a happy, healthy...

Lisa Gray

Energetic Kinesiology Therapy

Mandurah, WA, 6210

Member since 2016

Get rid of stress fast with energetic kinesiology therapy.

Digestive health Joy Stress management Hormonal imbalance Bullying Fatigue Allergies Addiction Soul work Loss

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