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Casey Allied Health - Dietitian

Cranbourne, 3977

Member since 2017

Casey Allied Health offers exceptional care using a wide range of therapies to assist in achieving your goals, liaising with other health care professionals, to give you comprehensive holistic care. Listening to our clients needs with determination to guide and assist each person for their own individual problems.

Motivation Infections Bunions Fibromyalgia Neck pain Gait assessment Constipation Nail disorders Nails Therapeutic massage

Benjamin Deutscher

Malvern Natural Health Care - Naturopathy

Dandenong North, VIC, 3175

Member since 2004

Naturopathy is a holistic system of healing that brings together natural therapies including herbal medicine, nutrition, diet, homeopathy, counselling and more.

Facial Sciatica relief Sinus Body composition Well-being Fatigue Relaxation Heavy metals Cravings Indigestion

Saabira Wazeer APD

Saabira Wazeer APD

Berwick, VIC, 3806

Member since 2016

Nutrition, Women's Health, Dietitian, Men's Health, Children's Health

Food and Nutrition Therapy

Food and Nutrition Therapy - Services

Frankston, VIC, 3199

Member since 2016

Promoting health, wellness and healing through food and nutrition.

Gestational diabetes Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) Reflux Weight management Growth Feeding Obesity Allergies Wellness Cancer management

Konsita Kuswara APD

Nutted Out Nutrition

Upwey, VIC, 3158

Member since 2016

At Nutted Out Nutrition we are dedicated to providing realistic, expert personalised nutrition advice to help you improve your...

Healthy eating Health coaching Practical training Growth Hyperlipidemia Food intolerance Weight management Private health Pregnancy support Heart disease


PPN - Service List

Mornington, VIC, 3931

Member since 2009

Find out how we can help you feel great!

Massage therapy Early intervention Conception Bariatric surgery Circulation Hypertension Muscle tension Depression Stress management Anxiety

Nicola Lee

Peninsula Physical Health & Nutririon

Mornington, VIC, 3931

Member since 2016

Peninsula Physical Health and Nutrition

Weight management Body sculpting Eating disorders Coeliac disease Oncology Food intolerance Joy Bloating Bariatric surgery Kidney disease

Stay Tuned Sports Medicine

Stay Tuned Sports Medicine - Nutrition

Boronia, VIC, 3155

Member since 2008

No matter if you want to learn how to eat healthier or how to prepare for your next Sporting event, the Dietitians here at Stay...

Habits Veterans affairs Foot problems Joy Nail Surgery Pain relief Arthritis Mindset Movement Aches & pains

Michelina Rosenkotter APD

Michelina Rosenkotter APD

Rowville, VIC, 3178

Member since 2016

Nutrition, Weight Loss, Women's Health, Dietitian, Men's Health, Children's Health

Tim Dunne

Body to Balance

Rowville, VIC, 3178

Member since 2017

We have a diverse group of health professionals who offer you a complete solution to your problem. Come and visit a clinic that...

Pregnancy support Depression Tennis elbow Restoring balance Wellness Muscle tension Anxiety Asthma Manipulation Private health

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