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Nevine Rottinger

Nevine Rottinger Practitioner

Australia Wide Distributor, NSW, 2121

Member since 2008

Intuitive, Energy Healer & Essence Maker

Soul alignment Metaphysics Self-development Allergies Aura Purpose Spiritual guidance Well-being Numerology Tarot reading

Epping Family Wellness Centre

Epping Family Wellness Centre - Counselling & Psychology

Epping, NSW, 2121

Member since 2010

Looking for a professional Counsellor or Psychologist who practices in the greater Epping area? Then look no further than us...

Back pain Stress management Neck pain Family conflict Tension Anxiety Labour Wellness Arthritis Health goals

Anne Kirkpatrick

Anne Kirkpatrick

Epping, NSW, 2121

Member since 2009

Create positive change in your life - Create the best possible state of wellbeing - Move forward to live a life of endless possibilities.

Essential oils Fatigue Addiction Physical pain Well-being Anxiety Phobias Energy Hormones Complementary therapies

Holistic Health Solutions

Holistic Health Solutions - Holistic Sex Therapy

Ryde, NSW, 2112

Member since 2011

Holistic Sex Therapy - Couples Counselling - Men's Health Programs. No matter what issue you or your partner is having, Andrea here at Holistic Health Solutions is the professional to call. Services available in the greater Chatswood area.

Menstruation Emotions Pregnancy support Mental health Ageing Relapse prevention Tension Libido Guilt Sadness

Megan Chambers

Don’t let procrastination and self-defeating behaviours stop you from doing your soul’s work.

Ryde, 2112

Member since 2009

Worried that your sensitive, empathic nature is getting in the way of you achieving your goals?

Coaching Trauma Leadership Spirituality Joy Physical health Immunity Anxiety Career coaching Mental health

Jocelyn Harvey

Coaching & Counselling with Jocelyn

Pymble, NSW, 2073

Member since 2011

Is anxiety, panic or trauma keeping you chronically stuck? It’s time to free yourself… Let’s get you back on track!

Anxiety Fears Panic attacks Feeling stuck Trauma Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) Childhood trauma Abuse Coaching Transformational therapy

Debra Dawn Spiritual Services

Debra Dawn - Services

Beecroft, NSW, 2119

Member since 2016

Healing and intuitive counseling for adults, teens and children.

Intuitive counselling Reading Anxiety Tarot reading Regression therapy Palmistry Adults Sound healing Children's anxiety Healing for children and adolescents

Gentle Art Therapy

Pymble, NSW, 2073

Member since 2019

Expressive Arts Therapist

Love Bullying Perfectionism Autism Gender issues Obsessive Self-esteem Abuse Academic performance

Penny Dillon

North Shore Nutrition

West Pymble, NSW, 2073

Member since 2021

Clinical nutrition and nutrition counselling for digestive issues, weight loss, children's and women's health, hormonal issues, and mood, pyrrole, skin and sleep disorders. Penny is also a qualified counsellor with a focus on anxiety, stress, depression, anger management and trauma.

Mental health & wellbeing Anxiety Depression Self-esteem Panic attacks Work stress Trauma Loss Grief Mental health support

Pamela Baker

Pamela Baker

Gordon, NSW, 2072

Member since 2008

Specialties: IBS and other digestive disorders.Mood dysfunction.Fertility, menstrual and menopausal problemsFacial Rejuvenation Acupuncture, Scalp acupuncture and Anti-ageing Program.

Menstrual pain Circulation Collagen Sinus Food intolerance Anxiety Transformation Tinnitus Digestive health Menopause

Edward Zwickl

EZ Health Hypnotherapy

Pennant Hills, NSW, 2120

Member since 2010

Hypnotherapy and Counselling

Cravings Hypnotherapist Anger Pain management Abuse Belief systems Values Fears Anger management Trauma

Charlize Bordeaux

Counselling and Psychotherapy

West Pennant Hills, NSW, 2125

Member since 2022

Welcome to Natural By Nature Therapy, If you have been looking for therapy that stands out and resonates with you and your heart, then look no further than Natural By Nature. I specialise in Existential Therapy, a very enlightening journey which will be a transformational experience with a lasting impact. This is a empowering and satisfying therapy that allows you to discover YOU.

Telehealth Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) Person centered therapy Purpose Focus Self purpose Emotions Stress Peace Calm

Sarah and Alexis

Infra Red Sauna

Turramurra, NSW, 2074

Member since 2004

The World’s Most Powerful Health Retreat

Migraine Healing art Autism Optimal health Movement Sinus Bodywork Sciatica Subconscious Anger

Maggie Bolton

Coaching Connections Counselling

Lane Cove, NSW, 2066

Member since 2010

I work with you to provide a clear framework to understand yourself and others around you. Empowered with some simple tools, you will be able to decode every aspect of your life from your own decisions, behaviours and patterns, to personal, family or work relationships understanding the logic behind choices you and others make on a daily basis. With my guidance you will be able to navigate challenges we face at all stages in life with more knowledge...

Personal growth Personal empowerment Empowerment (women's) Empowerment (men's) Empowerment training Self-management Self-help Mental health Overwhelm Stress management

Nicole Abate

About Me

Mortlake, NSW, 2137

Member since 2013

My name is Nicole I am an Energetic Kinesiologist I use my skills to work with your energy and your body to uncover any areas of stress and bring you back to full vibrant health.There is no need to have a physical meeting for this to take place, as energy is everywhere and all around. By working remotely I am able to tap into your enegy field and uncover what lays hiden and bring it to light.You can then transform, transend and dissolve those...

Motivation Well-being Anger management Period pain Remote healing Tapping Love Adolescents Insomnia Telehealth

Theresa Roldan

Guiding Sense Psychologist and Interventionist

Chatswood, NSW, 2067

Member since 2018

You may partake of our free well being tools and strategies through our instagram account: @guidingsensewalks Only Telehealth...

Loss Depression Chronic health issues Stress management Anxiety Phobias Parenting Self-esteem Bullying Pain management

Azure Wellbeing

Azure Wellbeing

Hunters Hill, NSW, 2110

Member since 2007

Enjoy empowerment and fulfill your potential: Live your own life.

Chakra balancing Joy Growth Intuitive reading Massage therapy Spiritual counselling Spirituality Empath Healing art Energy

Yvette Allen Psychotherapist

Yvette Allen - Counselling

Turramurra, NSW, 2074

Member since 2015

As an experienced and qualified counsellor, I know how to help you get results. Counselling can get results in many areas of your life. While counselling takes many forms, here are a couple of therapies that I have used with great success.

Mental health & wellbeing Self-help Hypnotherapist Personal breakthrough Overthinking Relationship issues Hypnotherapy training Anxiety coach Havening Resource therapy

Petrana Barac-Dunn


Turramurra, NSW, 2074

Member since 2007

Petrana's diverse career has always focused on people. This continues today in her work at Inner Sanctum Natural Therapies, located in Turramurra on Sydney's upper North Shore. After a career spanning 30 years in education, senior management and community services, alongside gaining qualifications in natural therapies, Petrana has transitioned to fulfill her long term passion to work solely in natural therapies, supporting individuals in their pursuit...

Emotional wellbeing Relaxation Reduce anxiety Inner peace Stress management Holistic health Tension headaches Aches & pains Group classes Numerology

Frank Fontana

Ignite Counselling and Psychotherapy

Parramatta, NSW, 2150

Member since 2005

Our professional service offers qualified counsellors who can support your efforts toward the best solution for you. One to one counselling will identify and change behaviours so that you can live at your happiest. Subsidised rates are available for eligible clients

Values Schema therapy Joy Vision Telehealth Stress management Supervision Leadership Coaching

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