Best Life Coaches in Eastwood SA

Kerry Dalzotto

Sacred Wellness - Soul Coaching

Highgate, SA, 5063

Member since 2006

Contact Kerry today and find out how she may assist you on awakening your magnificent inner potential through Soul Coaching®.

Private health Wellness Lifestyle Energy Nervous system Injury recovery Healing massage Therapeutic massage Sound bath Happiness

Joanne Garner

Bioresonance Therapist & Nutrition Counsellor

Parkside, SA, 5063

Member since 2015

When the body is at its optimal frequency, it can repair and shield itself from the environment. BioResonance therapy corrects the body's frequency so you can live healthy, happy and stress-free. Contact Jo for a consultation so you can begin your healing process.

Clearing blocks Energetic medicine Personalised nutrition Family nutrition Chronic stress Stress Allergies Insomnia Food intolerance Viral infections

Sanare Wellness

Sanare Wellness

Unley, SA, 5061

Member since 2021

Sanare Wellness. Means 'To Heal' in Italian, It's a Personal Journey!

Telehealth Trauma Executive Coaching Transformation Coaching Personal growth Motivation Wellness Transformational therapy Well-being

Deb Ashton

Patient-focused Naturopathic Clinic

Hyde Park, SA, 5061

Member since 2017

Debra was soon well known for encouraging her patients to engage with their own treatment in order to achieve their objectives.

Holistic health Intolerance Well-being Food intolerance Cramps Holistic wellness Telehealth Coaching Wellness Energy

Annie O'Grady

Annie OGrady - EFT Tapping

Malvern, 5061

Member since 2007

EFT Tapping is an easy stress buster, typically fast, that I can teach you to weave into your daily life – or that I can help you with, to ease small or serious problems of any kind. You’ll learn to tap on yourself while you briefly focus on whatever...

Mobility issues Holistic practitioner Family health Foot problems Headaches Fears Spirituality Love Well-being Mindset

Hilary Cook

Mindful Progress

Adelaide, 5000

Member since 2018

Life Coach, Counsellor, Hypnotherapist and Trainer/Educator of Neuro Linguistic Programmimg at Mindful Progress

Hypnotherapist Coaching F5 Telehealth

Expansion to Life

Adelaide, SA, 5000

Member since 2015

Expansion to Life

Transformation Intuitive practitioner

Anke Koelman, Spec. Nat., MHSc

Men's Health

Adelaide, SA, 5000

Member since 2005

We specialise in identifying and treating the causes of health, gut, weight, fatigue, allergies and stress issues using a holistic, integrated and multi-disciplinary approach. 

Online consultations Attention deficit Attention deficit disorder (ADD) Parkinson's Complementary Assessments Energy Anxiety Parkinson's disease Communication skills

Garry Garnaut

Garry Garnaut Counselling, Coaching and Training

Millswood, SA, 5034

Member since 2019

Counselling based on Reality Therapy. Coaching focussed on pre and post retirement . Training work provided as a Senior Instructor in Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Mangement.

Retirement Coaching Rehabilitation Behaviour management Adults Intimacy

Karen Degen

Set Free with EFT - Life Coaching

Adelaide, SA, 5000

Member since 2014

Helping you reach your full potential - whether in your health, wealth, relationships or dreams. Helping you be who you want to be and where you want to be in life.

Happiness Business performance Helplessness Pain management Anxiety Abuse Fears Allergies Subconscious Addiction

Hardo Bottin

Integrative Counselling to Balance Your Bodies

Adelaide, SA, 5000

Member since 2010

Balancing all aspects of your whole being allows you to live your life in the best possible way.

Allergies Complementary Emotions Holistic health Growth Detoxification Habits Eczema Headaches Trauma

Toni Stevens

Reiki Energy Healing

Adelaide, TAS, 5000

Member since 2018

Reiki Energy Healing helps to create harmony and balance in body and soul. When we show signs of imbalance, illness or disease, it is caused by a blockage of energy in the chakras. A chakra is an energy centre in the body, each chakra is associated with certain emotions, thought patterns, organs and parts of the body. 

Fears Stress management Well-being Guilt Wellness Values Stroke Quit smoking Anger Emotions

Louise Armitage Homoeopath & Bowen Therapist

Louise Armitage Homoeopath & Bowen Therapist

Adelaide, 5000

Member since 2009

Louise Armitage offers Homeopathic Medicine and Bowen Technique to clients on the Fleurieu Peninsula, via Skype or Face Time. Rural and remote clients welcome!

Food poisoning Intolerance Sinus Chronic health issues Back pain Telehealth Energy Alternative medicine Complementary Arthritis

Linda Kolago

Linda Kolago - Therapies

Adelaide, 5001

Member since 2018

I look forward to working with you and helping you to reach your full potential and live a more fulfilled and enriched life.

Overwhelm Stress management Negative emotions Depression Motivation Emotions Weight management Complementary Telehealth Self-confidence

Lindy Poirier

Lindy Poirier Psychotherapist

Adelaide, SA, 5000

Member since 2008

Psychotherapist Improve Your Life Today!Experience Instant Relief & Significant Positive Gains!

Anxiety Fears Depression Phobias Panic attacks Mental health Stress management Control issues Dysfunctional relationships Weight issues

Mandy Lyons

Millennial and Gen X Men Coaching and Mentoring

North Adelaide, SA, 5006

Member since 2018

Thrive Code for Creative, Empathic, Gentle Men

Telehealth Well-being Happiness Coaching Positive psychology Business Epigenetics Neuroscience

Joan Schenscher

Breathe Cleanse Ignite & Connect

Richmond, SA, 5033

Member since 2021

Transformation Coaching and Energy Balancing. Connecting the elements of you that support your most fulfilled and happy life. I truly believe every human has exactly what they need inside them to create the change they desire. It is my absolute honour to guide and hold space for them as they bravely release what no longer serves them and remember the truth of their own magnificence.

Personal development Transformation Coaching Joy Love Access consciousness Phobias Energy Addiction Motivation

Lina Cirocco

SYNERGY Remedial Massage Therapist and Mindset Coach

Payneham South, SA, 5070

Member since 2019

SYNERGY Connecting Mind & Body Remedial Massage Therapist and MindSet Coach

Face to face appointments Massage therapy Energy blocks Stress management Mindset Lymphatic system Love Blame Telehealth Detoxification

Anita Pagnani

Anita Pagnani - Hypnotherapist | Guidance Counsellor | Mind Coach

Glandore, SA, 5037

Member since 2015

I am a mind, body and soul coach, and I love what I do. I offer you a service that allows you to balance your mind and let go...

Trauma Addiction Quit smoking Pain management Weight management Grief Spirituality Motivation Anxiety Phobias

Paul Busuttil

Odinisis Counselling & Family Therapy: Belair

Belair, SA, 5052

Member since 2016

With over 26 years as a counselling psychotherapist, Paul Busuttil has the skills and expertise to  competently provide the...

Interpersonal Adolescents Sexual abuse Happiness Anxiety Family therapy Narrative therapy Grief Anger management Trauma

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