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Amber Sagal - Nutritional Therapy Consultant

​Hi, my name is Amber and my whole life I have been passionate about health, nutrition and all things natural. My interest in nutrition started at a young age in which I was constantly reading books on all aspects of health and nutrition, but I started to get confused with all the conflicting views and wondered why a specific way of eating worked for one person and not another?

​Even though I was eating a fairly healthy diet in comparison to the standard diet I still had signs and symptoms such as constant bloating no matter what I ate, edema, heartburn, insomnia, and inflammation in my skin. I wanted to know why I was experiencing these symptoms and what I could do. Things really started to change for me when I took a food sensitivity test and found out that I was reacting to many foods (mainly wheat, dairy, soy and msg), had high candida and most likely a leaky gut as well. Through addressing my food sensitivities, detoxifying my body, rebalancing my gut flora and finding more balance in my diet my main symptoms disappeared.

​At the same time I took a detoxification course where I discovered the perspective of functional nutrition in which I agreed with, got results with and wanted to learn more of. After a lot of research and looking into different schools I finally came across the Nutritional Therapy Association. The information I have learned through the NTA has reconfirmed how powerful the diet, nutrition and supporting the body through the foundations of optimal digestion, fatty acid balance, mineral balance, blood sugar balance and hydration is in preventing so many of the health conditions we see today. A properly prepared nutrient dense whole food diet that varies according to a persons unique bio-individuality is key to providing the body with all the nutrients it needs to perform all of its amazing functions that keep us alive, healthy and vibrant.


One on one Nutritional Therapy Consulting

Offering customized dietary and targeted supplemental health plans via skype, phone or in person if local to the Gold Coast in QLD, Australia.

I provide exceptional care and guidance to help people with digestive, energy and weight issues to feel confident, happy and energized in order to become the best version of themselves.

As a nutritional therapy consultant I use a foundational approach to identify and address the underlying imbalances that contribute to the many signs and symptoms that the body expresses . I always take into consideration "what root cause and imbalance" is beneath the symptom and how best to support the body. I also understand that everybody is unique therefore every plan is tailored to each individual so that I can "meet" everyone where they are at in their health journey. Making dietary and lifestyle changes can be a challenge and I will be with you 100% to help guide and support you along the way while I will require commitment to a process in making beneficial changes at a pace that works for you.

​​The key to achieving your goals with nutritional therapy is to stay committed to the plan and process so that the body has time to recalibrate and restore balance and function.

​Below are examples from two of my clients of the results that can be achieved. Each client had different starting points, dietary habits, concerns and goals yet through staying committed to the process and implementing the necessary nutritional protocols they both got great results within a 2-3 month time period. The red line represents their signs and symptoms when they started and the blue line represents their signs and symptoms after a few months of following their plan. As everybody is biochemically unique and can have different underlying imbalances I do not guarantee specific results yet as you can see many symptoms will clear up or be reduced when the body is given the necessary support to function optimally

Here is what you can expect

(1. Initial Consult​ (1-1.5 hrs)
​This is where ​​I get to know you and your story. What your primary health concerns and goals are, your history and specific targeted questions to help me further understand your current situation.

​Evaluation of your food journal
​I will ask that you complete a 3 day food journal in which I will evaluate to help determine which foods may not be working for you and make dietary recommendations of foods to best support your body.

​Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire
​​This is a online questionnaire of 300 questions to gather information regarding your current signs and symptoms to help me understand where your priorities lie and what systems and organs need support. This questionnaire is also used to monitor and track your progress.

The Plan
​At the end of your consult I will create a tailored actionable plan agreed upon by the both of us utilizing both dietary and supplemental recommendations to help you reach your goals and feel your best.

​​2. Follow up appointments (30-40 mins)
​These appointments will be scheduled every 2-4 weeks and are used to provide accountability and to assess how you are doing following your current recommendations. I will also make any necessary adjustments to the plan and implement new recommendations to keep you on track and progressing towards your goals. If any questions have arisen since your previous appointment this is an opportunity for you to ask them.

​​3. Re-evaluation (50 mins-1hr)
​After 3 months of working together I will schedule a re-evaluation in which I will require that you fill out a new 3 day food journal along with completing a new Nutritional assessment questionnaire. This will be used to track the progress that you have made and I will provide you with a report of your results from all your hard work. It is also an opportunity to see what has worked and where any health concerns and priorities may still lie. After 3 months you may wish to continue with new recommendations and goals or simply utilize a maintenance program to help you maintain your results

Pricing of services

Initial consult: ​$70, 1-1.5 hrs

Follow up appointments: $40, 30-40 mins

​Re-evaluation: ​$60, 1 hr

Packages deals: Must use within 6 months of purchase

​​Initial consult, 2 follow up appointments, re-evaluation: ​$190

​​Initial consult, 3 follow up appointments, re- evaluation: $220

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