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Empowering people by exploring and getting rid of harbouring emotions, beliefs and values that are sabotaging their success in their lives.

Aurelisca Life Coaching


I became a practitioner to assist you in getting breakthroughs in your lives and live your full potential. Assisting you to become self-aware of your hidden blockages that stop you from achieving your goals and provide you with tools and techniques to eliminate those blockages to experience lasting transformation. I am a certified Life Coach and it is my commitment to help you achieve and live the best you can be.


  • Breaking bad habits and developing new ones
  • Building Confidence
  • Get clear on your goals
  • Help you find a career that you love
  • Stay accountable to your goals
  • Form better relationships
  • Have more meaning in your life
  • Develop your purpose
  • Help you with procrastination
  • Self-worth, Self-love, Self -Acceptance
  • Help become more resilience
  • Overcome fear of failure
  • Overcome fear of success

Ideal Client

My ideal client would be male and female between 25 to 40 who are struggling with one of the above mention challenges. Teenagers who lack self-confidence and who are looking for guidance with their career. And anyone who values personal growth as a very important step in their lives.


After one session with me using new techniques, and different modalities you as my client will get better clarity about your life. You will have a clear understanding about what is holding you back from achieving the life you desire. You will received so much value after the session in terms of follow up calls, unlimited laser coaching session during your program. Mindfulness video/audios tailored to your specific needs.


"Prisca is such a loving and caring person, she really puts a lot of energy in helping me with my relationship issues, and that meant a lot for me. The fact that she understands a lot about finances was so helpful as well because I got to work on my relationship and my finances at the same time, which was one of the reasons why my relationship was such a mess. I am so grateful to have her as my coach and would highly recommend her as a coach. " Emilee

When I first started communicating with Prisca I was having a difficult time in my personal life. There were a number of issues I was facing specifically around relationships with people in my life & confidence .Working on my relationship with Prisca helped me to understand these relationships and importantly how to change them for the better. Prisca gave me invaluable help and advice, and shared a number of tools that will always stay with me and help me deal with difficult situations in the future. Prisca was so supportive and non-judgmental, I know I would never have been able to achieve any of these changes without her help .I am forever thankful” Marie

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Aurelisca Life Coaching