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Bella Daniella Kahuna Massage

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“Bella Daniella” Ka Huna Massage, specialising in Ancient Hawaiian Massage for Mind, Body and Spirit

Bella Daniella's Ka Huna Massage - Perth


I offer a full-body kahuna massage, also known as temple massage or Lomi Lomi, from the islands of Hawaii. I welcome you to discover this ancient ritual of relaxation, healing and renewal. Kahuna is my calling and my passion.

Ka Huna
Experience the loving, healing touch of kahuna massage. This beautiful form of bodywork is a flowing, therapeutic massage that can be gentle or firm. Dynamic breathing and dance movements are the source of energy and rhythm making this style of massage truly unique. During the massage I use my fingers, hands, forearms & elbows in long, tai chi style flowing movements. I incorporate kahuna with remedial or relaxation massage as well as reiki, depending on what you need at the time. Only the best 100% virgin organic coconut oil is used to additionally nourish your body.

The Hawaiian people view all aspects of the body as one, believing that the mind, body and spirit are all part of the whole self.

What to expect
I will begin with a brief consultation to ensure a massage that is uniquely shaped for you, your moods and your needs.

Breathing is an integral element of your kahuna treatment, connection with your breath will allow you to be present, to let go of the mind & to be here & now in your body.

Because kahuna bodywork is a powerful form of healing, it is not uncommon to experience a range of emotions after your massage as energies are still shifting. Trust that everything is as it is meant to be, the healing/cleansing and re-balancing of the body-mind can be felt for weeks after your treatment.

The Benefits
  • I provide a supportive environment, allowing you to feel totally nurtured which allows you to release physical & emotional tension as well as stress & negative emotion, giving way to joy & trust.

  • Boosting your immune system, digestive & circulatory systems, whilst improving muscle tone.

  • Reach an inner state of self-realisation similar to that attained in deep meditation, as massage balances the flow of vital life energy.

About the practioner
Daniella Johnson is a professional, qualified Huna massage therapist, trained at Mette Sorenson’s institute of bodywork and personal development.

I have extensive experience in both giving and receiving kahuna bodywork & over 12 years massage experience.

My Mission
My commitment is to offer you a standard of excellence in Hawaiian massage and customer care.

You are my number one priority, I create a safe space where you can be nurtured and filed with Aloha (love energy)

1 hour $80
1 ½ hour $100
First 20 bookings will receive 20% discount.
Call or text Dani now on 0415 110 768

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Bella Daniella Kahuna Massage