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Gaye McAllister

Glen Osmond SA 5064

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Our practice is committed to ethical, best practice interventions directed by client needs. We are a small practice and this allows us to provide a collaborative, flexible and personal approach that supports clients to feel safe, comfortable and welcomed.

About Gaye McAllister Psychology

Gaye McAllister

Clinical Psychologist
BA(Hons); Dip Hypnotherapy; Master of Applied Psychology;
Member of the Australian Psychological Society College of Clinical Psychologists

Gaye has worked as a Clinical Psychologist with children experiencing emotional, developmental, behavioural and social challenges for over 30 years. She has worked within a number of major organisations and has run a successful private practice for 25 years. During this time she has developed very good working relationships with many doctors, medical specialists and allied health professionals. Gaye greatly enjoys her contact with the children and families that attend her practice and is very successful in assisting her clients to make the positive changes they seek from therapy.

Special Interest Areas

    • Early childhood (toddler, preschool and early school years)

    • Emotional & behavioural regulation skills

    • Behaviour difficulties

    • Sleep difficulties

    • Anxiety, phobias and fears

    • Sadness

    • Social Thinking skills development

    • Social Skills and friendship skills training

    • Resilience and optimism training

    • Parenting support and education

    • Positive Psychology

    • Happiness

    • Adjustment to change

Special Skills


    • Affect Regulation Therapy

    • Autism Spectrum Assessments

    • Systemic Family Therapy

    • Hypnosis

    • Assessment and treatment of ADHD; ODD; Issues of attention etc

    • Intellectual and learning assessments of children under 7 years


Dr Angela Crettenden

Clinical Psychologist
BA (Hons), MPsych, PhD.
Member of the APS College of Clinical Psychologists & the College of Developmental and Educational Psychologists

Angela has practised as a Clinical Psychologist for over 30 years, and has been working with Gaye McAllister since 2011. She provides clinical psychology services to children, young people and adults and has particular expertise in disability. Angela’s research and clinical experience have given her in-depth knowledge of the impacts of caring for parents of children and young people with special needs. Angela is an empathic person whose skills and experience allow her to support individuals and families to achieve their goals and positive psychological wellbeing.

Special Interest Areas

Children and Young People

    • Anxiety (OCD, tics)

    • Emotion regulation

    • Behavioural difficulties

    • School issues

    • Poor social skills or difficulty making friends

    • Bullying or being bullied

    • Adjustment to family changes or challenges

    • Adjustment to disability or chronic illness


    • Stress management

    • Anxiety, phobias and fears

    • Depression

    • Confidence and assertiveness

    • Grief and Bereavement

    • Adjusting to illness, injury, pain and disability

    • Challenges of caring for others

    • Family relationships

    • Couple relationships

    • Dealing with separation and divorce

    • Workplace issues (work/life balance)


Practice Location

Our practice is in an inner Adelaide suburb, only 15 minutes from the centre of Adelaide, with easy access from all areas. The practice is located a garden setting which provides a very relaxed environment that benefits adults and children alike. The off street parking allows a safe place to enter and exit the car. 

A visitor to our rooms who sometimes comes with other members of his family.

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