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Member since
Jul 2018

Innersee Creative Counselling

Contact Name Meri Griesbach
Mobile 0478 517 927
Address 687 B Brighton Rd
Seacliff SA 5049

I am a qualified Transpersonal Art Therapist with experience in the care sector and have a passion for helping people during challenging times such as Grief and Loss, Anxiety and Life Transitions.

Innersee Creative Counselling


I provide services ranging from individual counselling, mindfulness and stress management and groups tailored to specific community or organisation's needs.

It’s all about you…. Art Therapy at Innersee Creative Counselling is a person-centred form of counselling. This means that you will be able to fully investigate and explore at your own pace with no pre-planned agenda or schedule. Your Therapist is there to support you and provide opportunities for you to gain understanding and make discoveries in a confidential setting.

Art Therapy is a counselling modality which uses art as a bridge or gateway to new ways of approaching an issue. No skill in art is necessary. There is no expectation to produce a magnificent piece of art. The emphasis is on the information you gain through the process. In fact, sometimes the product of a session can seem quite strange. The Art Therapist understands which art activities might be most appropriate for you to fully express and explore.

Art Therapy

What happens in Therapy

Art Therapy is a recognised form of counselling, that uses a variety of art mediums, music and visualisation to assist you in gaining insight into life’s challenges.

Some common myths about Art Therapy

  1. The Art therapist will judge my art
    This is absolutely not true. Your art will be interpreted by you. The therapist will see the art through your eyes and support you as you find meaning in it

  2. Art Therapy is only for kids
    This form of counselling is used in a wide range of settings and is appropriate for adults. You will find art therapy being used in palliative care, grief and loss counselling, relationship and family therapy and many other areas.

  3. I need to know how to draw
    No previous experience in art is required. In fact, not having skill can work to youradvantage. An Art Therapist will guide you. If you can draw a squiggly line, you can do art therapy

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