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…the “us” in relationship

Interactions Therapy Counselling and Coaching


Many individuals and couples go through difficult, challenging and stressful times in their life.

Seeking support from a trained, experienced and qualified therapist can help you to cope with life's stresses more effectively. For a professional therapist and counsellor with over 35 years of diverse and extensive experience working with children, adolescents, families, couples and individuals providing counselling, therapy, coaching, and conflict resolution within in the community sector and in private practice.

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Background and Experience

George Filipowicz BSW established Interactions Therapy after  working with children and their families for over 35 years. I progressed to resolving family conflicts and improving family relationships. I commenced my private practice while still working with the community providing a variety of services to children and families and individuals, practising as a group therapist and providing psychotherapy for individuals. I have been trained in Transactional Analysis, as a Family Therapist and Gestalt Therapist. When I started working with parents and adolescents I realised that children are a product of their environment and one way to help children was to help their parents with their relationship, communication and parenting skills.

My objective is to help people improve their lives and have positive relationships with others through healthy interactions, communication, understanding and accepting their vulnerabilities. and also of those they choose to connect with socially, personally and intimately. As an individual, partner, family member or friend we want to be the best that we can my goal is to help those who are willing to discover who that is.

I am a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist  since 1999. I am married to Sandra my best friend and a loving and wonderful partner. We have a son and two grand children.

Please follow the link for more details on Imago relationship therapy.

I am a member of the Association of Imago Relationship Therapists Australia (AIRTA), a registered Family Law Mediator and have provided services as a Family Assessor and in Alternative Dispute Resolution since 1996.


Effective, discreet and private counselling services in the Adelaide Hills and environs

Help is available for you and your partner or family in coping with life's more stressful and difficult times. If you feel that yourself or a loved one could benefit from speaking to someone, contact Interactions Therapy for discreet, confidential and effective services. 

Help when you need it most

Interactions Therapy specialises in Imago Relationship Therapy and has over 35 years of experience working with individuals, couples, families and children. Imago therapy can equip you with improved communication skills, nurture better connections and is effective in overcoming relationship difficulties.

Relationship and individual issues

It's never too late to seek help and put yourself and your relationship onto the right path. Interactions Therapy offers you the opportunity to fulfill your self potential, develop emotional intelligence and maturity through validation, acknowledgement and compassion to achieve relationship success. This is brought about through increased self awareness,acknowledgement, acceptance and by adjusting your thinking and actions.


Couples who participate in relationship therapy and successfully follow through with the therapy state that they feel more positive and assured about their relationship, and take more individual responsibility as partners in the relationship, and for their role in maintaining a healthy and evolving relationship and except their differences and adapt to the changes over time. It is about   building better connections and   ...the us in relationship.

Men and family relationship issues

Helping men better understand and accept the gender differences in relationships. Managing reactions and anger and using non violent communication.  Identify and understand their core values and discover self compassion. 

Positive parenting

Interactions Therapy can help you develop positive parenting techniques and foster better family relationships. Children are a product of their environment. The areas Interactions Therapy covers include separation and post separation parenting, relationship closures, family law mediation and conflict resolution. Interactions Therapy also assists parents with relationship coaching, starting new relationships, re-partnering and step parenting.

Relationship coaching, dating and starting new relationships

Starting a new relationship after separation or the loss of a previous partner is not easy. We don't want to experience the heart ache and the heart break of earlier relationships. By having more insight into ourselves and the patterns of our behaviours in past relationships, we can learn and make better choices, avoiding making the same mistakes.

Therapy, counselling and coaching services

Seeing a qualified and experienced relationship therapist can help you, your partner and your family deal with family and relationship difficulties, getting you through troubled times. Interactions Therapy offers you effective counselling services that will assist you in reaching your full potential, develop emotional intelligence and maturity. 

Appointments are offered Monday to Saturdays with after hours sessions also available. Home visits are possible by arrangement, or by Skype.

Please phone Interactions Therapy to schedule an appointment.

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Interactions Therapy Counselling and Coaching