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About Natajsa
Member since
Sep 2018

Natajsa Wagner Psychotherapy

Contact Name Natajsa Wagner
Phone 0403471609
Mobile 0403471609
Address 156 Barnett Rd
Servicing Areas Brisbane

A supportive space for men and women to debrief, share their stories and gain clarity on the solutions they need to swiftly shift their circumstances.

Natajsa Wagner Psychotherapy

About Natajsa Wagner

Hello there, my name is Natajsa Wagner and I am a firm advocate for authentic and meaningful human connection. I am a Counsellor and Psychotherapist assisting men and women with any relational difficulties or challenges. All of our challenges begin with relationships, whether it is the relationship we have with ourselves or with others or if there is a lack of a healthy relationship.

After more than a decade of work in the corporate world, I made the choice to kickstart my own business and to create a life that was more aligned with my core values, beliefs, and sense of community. The knowledge and the skills that I gained through my training and my life experiences helped me to see that relationships were vital. I learned that it was relationships and their quality, that hold the key to fulfilment and happiness. It is my mission to help people achieve the skills and implement the strategies needed to better understand themselves, overcome their individual challenges, and lead more fulfilling and satisfying lives.

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give me a call or visit my website.

Qualification Details

  • Master Gestalt Psychotherapy
  • My strategies combine Gestalt Psychotherapy, self-awareness and neuroscience. The strategies I teach focus on creating positive, sustainable change & transformation.
  • I have been featured as an expert therapist in Women's Health & Fitness Magazine & Cosmopolitan along with many other online publications.
  • I am also a registered member of PACFA & GANZ.

Service Categories