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Newave Medical

Dr Vinesh Singh

Suite 5
10A Boolwey St
Bowral NSW 2576

Servicing area: Bowral & Sydney NSW

Newave Medical

“The underlying philosophy of Dr Singh’s practice is to help people achieve an optimal state of health for as long as possible.”

Integrative General Practitioner & Complementary Healthcare

About Newave Medical

Dr Singh combines conventional and natural approaches to treat chronic complex health issues and to optimise your health. Dr Singh utilises integrative medicine principles to identify and treat the root causes of poor health.

His aim is to guide you through your journey to optimal health. For some of us, this may simply involve making small improvements to our existing level of health. For others, it may involve managing a crisis situation or chronic illness to begin with before moving on to maintaining a state of good health.

All areas of your health are considered with the aim of improving them over time. These can include nutrition, activity levels, sleep, stress, digestive health, emotional health and other environmental factors.

Integrative medicine involves the combination of conventional methods of testing and treatment with other complimentary treatments where appropriate. It also focuses on the doctor-patient relationship and the personalisation of care.

It is ideal for those who

  • Have a single or number of short or long-term health issues
  • Experience chronic complex health issues
  • Suffering from unexplained symptoms
  • Seeking a second opinion
  • Keen to optimise your health

The types of health conditions commonly treated by Dr Singh include digestive conditions, chronic disease, weight management, men’s/women’s health, sleep conditions and nutrition. This list is not exhaustive. You are welcome to discuss any health issues during your Initial Assessment (within Dr Singh’s scope of practice). See Newave Medical’s Services page for more information on health conditions treated.

About Dr Singh – Integrative GP

Dr Singh has been a General Practitioner for over 17 years and completed his medical degree and postgraduate studies in the UK. During his early career as a GP, Dr Singh worked extensively in aged care environments, including nursing and residential care homes, and witnessed first-hand the serious and often debilitating health issues that can affect people in older age.

One thing that stood out during this time in his career was that many of these health issues could have been delayed, or even prevented entirely, if people had made different lifestyle choices earlier in their life.

This shifted the focus of Dr Singh’s approach towards a much more proactive and preventative approach. He opened his own Integrative Medicine practice, Newave Medical, in 2016 which combines conventional and natural approaches to help treat chronic complex health issues and to optimise people’s health.

Visit Newave Medical’s website to learn more.

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