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Refine Counselling

Kerrin McMaster

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Refine Counselling

As a qualified professional counsellor,committed to the highest level of professional excellence, I seek to create trust in a respectful professional environment. I deliver a high quality of counselling service, to actively support you to improve your emotional health and well being.

You will be treated as a unique individual with your own circumstances.

Refine Counselling


Facing relationship difficulties, challenging life circumstances , or unresolved personal issues is distressing , deeply painful, and can feel overwhelming. You may feel frustrated by the ongoing nature of your struggles, and saddened by the percieved lack of progress  in your life, and relationships. It can be hard to know what to do next, feeling desperate for change, but stuck, you can feel all alone in your struggles.

Its challenging to make good choices when you feel anxious, stressed, or simply overwhelmed by your worries and concerns.  We are all so busy, our attention is pulled in everyway possible, from the moment we wake, until we go to sleep.You may feel that you are too busy to tackle the problems and issues facing you, or because of the pressure and stress, you lack confidence in your ability to bring about the changes you would like, or feel too overwhelmed to make the decisions you need.

So you find yourself on a treadmill of frustration regarding the unchanging nature of your life and circumstances.

"But everyone has problems, and we should be able to just get on with it all.  Right?"

No,that is simply not true, there are times when we do need to be able to talk through what is happening for us, to be able to speak out loud the disappointments, distress and the anger. Because when we do, we are able to clear the fog, see clearly and make some important and informed decisions going forward. Leaving things unresolved can drain you, and life loses some of its color and joy. You may find yourself emotionally reacting to difficult situations , rather than responding with the self-control that you would like. This can have lasting harmful effects, on yourself, and on your most important relationships, which impacts your well-being and enjoyment of life.

Counselling affords you the time to sit and process all that is most important to you. This will enable you to gain the insight and clarity you need to make some positive and lasting change.

Counselling is a professional, collaberative & confidential relationship, which works to develop a realistic plan to help you, and your relationships to move forward and grow.

Counselling enables you to explore your thoughts in a professional non judgemental space. You will gain insight and self awareness you need to move forward.


Individual Counselling

Individual Couselling provides focased support and compassion, helping you to navigate times of crisis, change, or difficulty.This helps you to choose the life that is most meaningful for you. Even with strong networks of friends and family its possible to feel isolated and alone in your struggles. Individual counselling sessions enable you to discuss your concerns and issues in a confidential non judgemental space. This allows you to gain the insight & clarity you need to begin living the life that you really want.

Family Therapy

When our families are experiencing crisis, change or confilict the need for confidential professional support is invaluable. Focased changes, even small focased changes can make a world of difference for your family. Family Therapy provides your family with a safe space to disucss issues, strategize and plan for a healthier and happier family unit.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching are brief, focased interventions to enable you to plan and strategize, so that your life is more reflective of your values. . Create more meaningful connections, think through and plan goals so that the quality of your life improves. If your needing help emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually to move forward in a healthier direction, life coaching is for you.

Dedicate the time that you need to bring some positive lasting change. Recieve the professional, confidential Counselling/Life Coaching support that you need. Call Kerrin 0422 162 677 or contact page to book your free 20 min session to discuss how Individual Counselling, Relationship Counselling or Life Coaching can improve the quality of your life.

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