Nicole Renaud Gestalt Psychotherapist and Supervisor

Nicole Renaud

Brighton East VIC 3187

Servicing area: Brighton East

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Counsellor for Intimacy Issues, Post Traumatic Stress & Anxiety

When should you seek counselling?

We all go through difficult times in our lives when periods of anxiety and stress cause discomfort and confusion. Even during these times, you could and should seek counselling. 

If you don’t feel happy as you should be. As simple as that.

Another reason is when you recognise behaviour patterns that are no longer serving you. 

When you wait too long to seek help, it may lead to depressive symptoms which may result in more difficulties in your personal and or professional relationships.

What happens in a counselling session?

You are encouraged to be open, willing and commit to work on your emotions. 

When you have this level of commitment and motivation, you will emerge with greater clarity of yourself and build a more authentic relationship with others.

How is counselling different from psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a long-term holistic approach to handling a wider range of mental issues. It’s an all-encompassing form of therapy that looks into the foundation of deep-seated problems, brings attention to your actions, thoughts, behaviours and helps you resolve or adjust as you see fit. 

While a counsellor offers a shorter form of therapy that provides a more centred approach to identifying and modifying behaviour patterns.

How long does it take for counselling to work?

The number of recommended sessions will vary depending on your issues and how soon you open up. If you don’t trust your therapist strong enough to divulge all personal matters, then work cannot start to happen. 

For some people, 6 sessions is all they need. Some may need more. It’s your prerogative to continue or stop at certain points of your counselling journey. 

You don’t have to go at it alone, find the support and guidance you need, call or email Nicole to schedule an appointment.

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Nicole Renaud Gestalt Psychotherapist and Supervisor