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Tracey Morter Clinical Nutritionist

Tracey Morter


Tracey Morter Clinical Nutritionist

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Are you sick of how you feel? Do you have a health complaint you can’t seem to fix? Are you missing out? Is life just meant to be better?

Customised nutrition, lifestyle guidance and treatments can make the world of difference.


Tracey Morter Clinical Nutritionist


My story

My obsession with food and cooking has now reached decades, and like many I have experienced weight and health maintenance struggles.  My own success with overcoming these challenges and the habits that sustain them, initiated a lifelong need to help others. 

I shared my skills through creation of my own healthy meal delivery service in the early 90’s. The reward of happy, healthy clients was addictive and still drives me today.  And the early death of my sister ignited my passion to understand the science behind nutrients and their impact on our health. My degree (BHSc Nutritional Medicine) solidified my knowledge and value to my clients.   The need to combat the impact of stress on our busy lives then led me to Biofeedback therapy, meditation and yoga which I also use in my practice. 

My conscientious personality is ripe for the constantly evolving world of health and nutrition and sifting through the plethora of new information and research to evaluate the truth and put it into practice. 

My love of food and people ensures I commit to results for my clients and experience real joy in their successes.  If you want a warm and empathetic yet highly motivational guide and cheerleader on your side, I look forward to helping you.


My services are tailored to every individual to meet their specific needs. Using advanced tools and specialised equipment I develop specific treatments to help you live the good life.   Some or many of these may be appropriate for you:

In-depth health review

Weight loss management and motivation

Nutritional analysis & prescriptions

Biofeedback based stress reduction

  • Food intolerance analysis and elimination dietary management

  • Microbiome health

  • Hormone balancing

  • Bio-impedence whole body analysis

  • Functional testing

  • Preconception planning

  • Home visits / Kitchen detox

  • Kitchen/pantry review and education

  • Cooking lessons/instruction

  • Corporate presentations and wellness programs

  • Over the Internet based consults for non-Melbourne based clients


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