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Best Reiki Practitioners in Erina NSW

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Member since 2005
Wyoming, NSW, 2250
Energy Therapeutic massage Relaxation Facial Essential oils more...

“Life Force Energy” or Reiki. Find out more

Member since 2010
Mandy Wheen
Gosford, NSW, 2250
Love Complementary Stress management Joy Wellbeing

Let's restore Calm and Comfort to your mind and body the "easy" way with me, Kin"easy"ologist... Find out more

Member since 2012
Springfield, NSW, 2250
Emotions Trauma Tension Pain relief Finances more...

Ron is a Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher and a Theta Healing practitioner... Find out more

Member since 2016
Yvonne Predebon
Gosford, 2250
Empath Happiness Resource therapy Telehealth Vision more...

Our entire body is a map of energetic lines and points. Find out more

Member since 2020
Erina, 2250
Elbow pain Leg pain Knee pain Addiction Muscle pain more...

Start your healing process. Free yourself from negative thinking. Expand your self-awareness. Relax your body as you access and communicate with your subconscious and unconscious mind. Book your treatment online or call to know which therapy is best for you. Find out more

Member since 2021
Tim Goble
Narara, NSW, 2250
Reading Tension Manifestation Brain fog Energy work more...

Kids and Adults Kinesiology and Kids and adults Hypnosis! I am a qualified high school and Primary school teacher and worked for over 25  years in the disability, child protection and foster care system.  Find out more

Member since 2021
Erina, NSW, 2250
Mentoring Love Fear Flow state Neuroscience more...

Rachel is a Diploma qualified Kinesiologist, Advanced PSYCH-K Facilitator, Sacred Feminine Mentor and mother of two sweet souls who is walking the path with you, in our constant evolution, transformation and journey that we call life. My greatest joy is in being able to assist and be of service, through these times of rapid change and big energies that we are often feeling. I utilise sound, colour, plant... Find out more

Member since 2006
East Gosford, NSW, 2250
Fatigue Feet Vision Shoulder pain Nervous system more...

For effective treatment of muscular problems, back, neck & shoulder pain, sciatica, hip... Find out more

Member since 2012
Bronwyn Luxford
Lisarow, NSW, 2250
Love Joy Essential oils Energy Stress management more...

Reiki Master / Teacher & Photonic Light Therapy Practitioner ~ Caring People... Find out more

Member since 2014
Tascott, NSW, 2250
Trauma Chakras Aura Purpose Love more...

If you're feeling stressed or run down and in need of a lift, Reiki at Spirit... Find out more

Member since 2017
Gosford, NSW, 2250
Dyslexia Adults Growth Energy Wellbeing more...

Reiki originated at the end of the 19th Century in Japan, and was founded by... Find out more

Member since 2018
Pamela Northcote
Gosford, NSW, 2250
Pain management Heart disease Aged care Tension eDISC more...

Energy Healing, Reiki, Meditation, Spiritual Healing, Flower Essences, Mindfulness, Workshop... Find out more

Member since 2006
Lucilia Sampaio
The Entrance, NSW, 2261
Whiplash Immunity Stiffness Multiple sclerosis (MS) Sciatica more...

Rei-ki is a “Hands-on Energy Renewal Technique”. It induces inner calm, enhances... Find out more

Member since 2010
Erina Heights, NSW, 2260
Fear Menopause Health issues Spiritual growth Narcissist more...

Lisa shares her gift as an energetic healer and medical intuitive for those... Find out more

Member since 2012
Andrea Stern
Long Jetty, NSW, 2261
Stress management Massage therapy Energy work Therapeutic massage Mediation more...

Inspiring the Journey Within Find out more

Member since 2014
Luke Mollica
Long Jetty, NSW, 2261
Lomi lomi massage Head massage Feeding Active imagination Neck pain more...

Reiki Healing - Face-to-face & distance available  Find out more