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What are the Natural Healing Options for My Body, Mind and Soul?

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Sep 01, 2021

What are the Natural Healing Options for My Body, Mind and Soul?

What is happiness? Is it something we do? Is it something we feel? Can we make it, fake it or duplicate it? Is it attainable? What makes you happy?

If you were to make a long list of what makes you happy and read it every day, then you would have a happy place to go to.

Think back to a happier time in your life and let the memories flood your mind.

These are real treasures that Time cannot take away from us.

By bringing them back in our minds, they multiply into the present time and you know happy times come back again.

You Deserve Happiness.

Do you affirm this in your life?

How can Holistic Therapy help?

We have five needs. These are:

  1. Physical
  2. Psychological
  3. Emotional
  4. Social
  5. Spiritual

Our Happiness Bank depends on all five areas of our lives being happy and fulfilled.

Natural remedies, such as Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Natural Health Medicines, Aromatic Oils, Therapeutic Massage, Color Healing, Crystal Healing, Spiritual Health Counselling, Guidance Counselling, Holistic Counselling, ensure that the five needs are balanced and in harmony and Happiness follows.

To be happy means to be free of chronic pain and physically well.

It means to be free of Psychological pain and traumas.

It means having a good circle of support and social groups to interact with others like ourselves.

It means emotional health and wellbeing with family and good interpersonal relationships.

It means a Spiritual value and Faith that strengthens our joy and Happiness and sees us through times of adversity.

It means fellowship with others of similar beliefs.

Spiritual Faith gives us a Higher Purpose and meaning to life and this improves our outlook on life and guides us to fulfillment in our vocation and service.

Our "Raison d,Etre."

The reason we are here.

Therefore, let me conclude with the wise words from an extract from Desiderata.

"You are a child of the Universe,

No less than the trees and the stars. 

And whether or not you are aware of it

No doubt the Universe is unfolding as it should.

Therefore, be at Peace with God.

Whatever you conceive God to be.

Be careful.

Strive to be HAPPY."

Auld Celtic Blessing

"May you stay happy,

May you stay well,

May you stay Blessed,

in all that you do."

Love and light and all things bright,
Crystal Rose

FAQs About Natural Mind, Body & Soul Healing

How do you mentally heal?

Mental health and spiritual wellness can suffer when we have physical health problems or traumatic life experiences, but positive thinking can help us recover. Focus on being grateful for what you have, exercise to revitalise your physical body, let go of the past and attract positive vibes to maintain a happy soul.

What are the benefits of mind-body practice?

The benefits of mind-body practices include treating illnesses like joint pain, the common cold, and skin conditions by supporting the body's natural healing capabilities. Various studies reveal that mind-body therapies strengthen the immune system, reduce stress and improve mental wellness, as well as reduce the need to take certain medications.

Which is an example of an energy therapy?

Energy treatments usually involve healing imbalances in a person's internal and external energy fields. Reiki, Pranic healing and polarity therapy are examples of energy therapies.

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