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Creative Soul Australia

Perth, WA, 6000

Member since 2011

Magali is a professional qualified Feng Shui Practitioner with over 24 years experience.

Energy Well-being Lifestyle Happiness Essential oils Love Space clearing

Shine Health Wellbeing Centre

Massage and Remedial Massage

Black Rock, VIC, 3193

Member since 2005

Relax, unwind and ease tension with Massage. Our practitioners are Remedial Massage therapists or trained in deep tissues massage to help you feel relaxed and pain free again. Choose from Deep Tissue, Remedial, Relaxation, Chinese Massage and Cupping, Pregnancy Massage or Dorn Therapy. Health insurance rebates are available for Remedial Massage.

Relaxation Food intolerance Pain relief Transformation Hormone testing Arthritis Tension Therapeutic massage Tiredness Depression

Lisa Ogden

Lisa Ogden Reiki


Member since 2018

Energy Healing, Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Pranic Healing

Teresa Ibarra

Heal and Thrive Coaching

Greenwith, SA, 5125

Member since 2021

At Heal and Thrive Coaching we support our clients to improve all areas of life in a holistic way achieving the results you crave. 

Lifestyle Anxiety Overwhelm Self-confidence Anger Chronic health issues Business Energy Habits Stress management

Total Energetic Healing

Total Energetic Healing - AcuEnergetics® & Wellness Balancing

Coburg, VIC, 3058

Member since 2013

Gabriele specialises in providing a range of AcuEnergetics® and Wellness Balancing session, to people living in the greater...

Burns Love Guilt Neck pain Anger Thrush Fears Hip pain Emotional wellbeing Infertility

Mariangela Parodi

Akashic Records, Intuitive Healing, BodyTalk & Shamanic Healing

Hobart, TAS, 7000

Member since 2005

Let Mariangela guide you in transforming your life into one that’s filled with joy and peace.

Memory Heavy metals Business Purpose Lung Energy Reconnection Holistic health Stress management Vitality

Rose Farrugia

Holistic Counselling, Reiki Master / Teacher, Meditation

Werribee, VIC, 3030

Member since 2009

Holistic Counselling, Reiki Master & Teacher, Meditation, Pranic Healing, Theta Healing and Personal Development. Are you ready to improve your life? As a Holistic counsellor I can help you move through the issues which are stopping you from living a full and enriched life

Complementary Nurturing Self awareness Lifestyle Grief Emotions Growth Aura Energy Immunity

Mark Czwerenczuk

Needa Massage - Healing Services

Warnbro, WA, 6169

Member since 2009

Providing A Range Of Professional Pranic Healing, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Access Bars® And Peiec® Energy Healing Services, Perfect...

Happiness Hand pain Head massage Circulation Chakra balancing Full body massage Movement Love Aura Energy work

Marisa Secco

Vibrational Healing - Energetic Healing

Castle Hill, NSW, 2154

Member since 2010

Energetic Healing Focuses on the Subtle Anatomy such as the Chakras, Meridians, and Auric field around the body as well as the...

Insomnia Empath Hormones Dialogue Negative emotions Phobias Energy Habits Love Shame

Gillian Rose

Naturopathy, Energy Healing, Nutrition & Weight Counselling


Member since 2004

Therapeia Healing Centre offers natural, non-invasive therapies that help improve nutrition, lifestyle, physical and mental health...

Wellness Anxiety Mental health Manipulation Health issues Complementary Energy Restoring balance Herbalist Fatigue

Michelle R Price

Michelle R Price The Lightworker

Caloundra West, QLD, 4551

Member since 2020

READINGS & HEALINGS: Michelle is a Medium, meaning she is able to communicate with and bring messages through from passed over loved ones.  She also does past life  readings and animal communications.  She has Children's Wellbeing Cards for young people who need some direction and guidance.  Michelle is also a qualified Reiki and Pranic Energy Practitioner, which means she is able to detect and heal all kinds of ailments at all levels.

Business Mediumship Telehealth Reading Love Energy

Margaret Scott

AusHealth Consulting - Pranic Healing & Meditation

Dandenong, 3175

Member since 2015

How can we live cleaner and healthier? 

Telehealth Addiction Fears Assessments Zoom consultations Stress management Mediation Energy Joy Business

Ayurveda for Wellness


Bennett Springs, WA, 6063

Member since 2017


Acne Emotions Feet Creativity Relaxation Lower back pain Physical health Knee problems Complementary Energy

Dianne Sykes

Pranic Healing

Kilgin, NSW, 2472

Member since 2010

Pranic Healing works by treating the patient through their Aura using both Major and Minor Chakras and is a drug-free treatment. It is very non-invasive, as clothes do not have to be removed.  A Healing session is usually $60.00 for 30 minutes.

Chakras Angel card readings Restoration Reading Aura Regression therapy Energy Spiritual growth Growth Telehealth

Crystal Grid Holistic Healing

Transference Healing Certified Practitioner / Teacher

Bendigo, VIC, 3550

Member since 2018

Michelle Rayson @ Crystal Grid Holistic Healing Bendigo is a Certified Transference Healing Practitioner Workshop Teacher and Ascension Facilitator, running level 4 Mystery School Technology, in Bendigo Vic 3555 ph 0429043923

Reading Tarot reading Love Holistic healing Wellness Fears Intuitive reading Memory Well-being Teenagers

Dianne Connell

Magnolia Natural Medicine

Mornington, SA, 3931

Member since 2011

Over 25 years experience with multi-modality approach

Lifestyle Sinus Childbirth Bloating Diarrhoea Poor circulation Natural medicine Herbalist Irregular periods Frozen shoulder

Carolyn Boniface

Carolyn Boniface - Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Byron Bay, NSW, 2481

Member since 2006

I offer you deep peace, healed expansive boundaries, comfort in body and mind and alignment with joy... all hallmarks of true Health.  Safe, fast results. In one session, feel the difference!

Healing art Dogs Stress management Transformation Postnatal support Elderly Gratitude Chronic pain Manifestation Conception


Whispa Holistic Therapy - Services

Clayfield, QLD, 4011

Member since 2016

Warm, nurturing hands coupled with sincere, experienced and knowledgeable guidance lead you to that place of serenity, rejuvenation and bliss!

Anxiety Depression Postnatal depression Muscle pain Muscle tension COVID related anxiety, stress, trauma & bereavement Stress management Work stress De-stress Relaxation & pampering

Little Temple

Pranic Healing

Kellyville Ridge, NSW, 2155

Member since 2013

Stresses of daily life, overwork or past emotional issues impact our health and wellbeing. If left unchecked, our body’s immunity may weaken and is more prone to illness. The goal of Energy healing (e.g. Pranic healing and Reiki) is to help you regain balance within your physical body by removing blocks that may have been a result of past trauma, illness or other toxic emotions. You will have more energy, feel refreshed and more centred. Lissa...

Aura healing Energy blocks Energy clearing Energy work Energy cleansing Crystal reiki Usui reiki Online session Distance healing Kahuna massage

Mind Therapy

Mind Therapy

Tamborine Mountain, QLD, 4272

Member since 2016

How would you like to change your life?

Obesity Public speaking Habits Diarrhoea Anger Phobias Memory Self-confidence Grief Reflux

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