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Colleen Anderson

Bowen Therapy Geelong

Geelong, VIC, 3220

Member since 2013

Fyansford Healing Center offers Bowen Therapy, Skin Therapy, Emmett Therapy & Life and Wellness Coaching

Vertigo Incontinence Fluid retention Pelvic pain Postnatal support Feeding Foot problems Constipation Stiffness Stress management

Dr. Yaro Hadaszczak (TCM)

CHINESE MEDICINE STUDIO -Acupuncture, Shiatsu massage, Herbs

Hoppers Crossing, VIC, 3029

Member since 2009

THIS IS A CLINIC YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR. Why? Because it will provide you with the three most important things when it comes...

Neck pain Private health Bloating Gong Back pain Holistic health Lower back pain Chinese herbal medicine Arthritis Fertility issues

Dr Angela Wilson

Politician & Performer

Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Member since 2012

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Schizophrenia Alternative medicine Business Regression therapy Energy Anxiety Vitality Cancer management Subconscious Mental health

Desma Carver

Malvern Natural Health Care - Kinesiology

Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Member since 2004

The body/brain has innate intelligence and knowledge of its own needs, and through gentle muscle testing, the kinesiologist assesses this information and uses techniques to detect imbalances, unlock energy, release stresses and promote harmony in the body, mind and spirit.

Psoriasis Depression Diarrhoea Sleep disorders Lung Health issues Tiredness Emotions Ankle pain Candida

Juliet Dyer

Life Coaching

Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Member since 2017

Reignite Your Vitality For Life: Discover how an experienced life coach can help you live life to the fullest

Fears Growth Coaching program Stress management Anxiety Emotions Anger Self-doubt Well-being Transformation

Lia Estate` Energy Healing Qua

Lia Estate` Quantum Medical Intuitive Energy Healing

Melbourne, 3000

Member since 2009

Lia Estate` Energy Healing Medical Intuitive Reiki Lia Estate – Using the benefits of creativity to be present   With the help of a Quantum Medical Intuitive and other modalities, you will begin to uncover and unblock the cause of your dysfunction, dis-ease, and...

Natural medicine Breast cancer Quantum energies Fears Panic attacks Energetics Well-being Clairvoyant Energy balancing Anxiety

Robyn Reynolds

Robyn Reynolds

Brunswick, 3056

Member since 2010

Cert IV Kinesiology, Grad Dip Education, Ba Eng / Ba Sci (Hons)

Coaching Self-empowerment Pressure points Lifestyle Panic attacks Nervous system Overwhelm Anxiety Movement Vision

Mayda Parseghian

QHHT Past Life Regression, Reconnective Healing & Reconnection

Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Member since 2008

Welcome to Reconnect to Heal a holistic practice promoting healing and wellness on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Love Back pain Breast cancer Akashic records reading Transformation Vitality Emotional wellbeing Life purpose Disabilities Well-being

Lyndy Saltmarsh

Renew You Wellness Centre - Naturopathy

Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Member since 2006

Our unique centre offers a range of natural therapies designed to re-balance and support you.

Essential oils Skin care Anger Headaches Tonic Ageing Inflammation Natural medicine Work stress Fibromyalgia

Katie Burke

Katie Burke Kinesiology

Abbotsford, VIC, 3067

Member since 2005

KATIE BURKE KINESIOLOGY AT THE ABBOTSFORD CONVENT Katie has been practising kinesiology since 2001. Her practice is located in...

Chronic skin conditions Learning difficulties Decision making Addiction Nurturing Emotions Trauma Energy Private health Hormones

The Soul Alchemist

Melbourne Kinesiology & Detox Centre - Kinesiology & Healing

Elwood, NSW, 3184

Member since 2007

Kinesiology & Kinergetics

Fears Purpose Psychic development Physical health Love Energy clearing Physical pain Indigestion Headaches Motivation

Janine De La Zilwa

Recharge Kinesiology

Brighton, VIC, 3186

Member since 2019

I'm on a mission to help YOU achieve YOUR true potential!

Motivation Well-being Feeling stuck Trauma Emotional eating Subconscious Nervous system Anxiety Depression Psoriasis

Kate Keetley

Living Made Easy

Brighton East, VIC, 3187

Member since 2010

With over 35 years experience in teaching, learning programs, workshops and private consultations, Kate provides tailored professional and personal development programs for adults, children and groups.

Movement Literacy Reading


Neuro Rehab Centre & Greensborough Family Chiropractic

Ivanhoe, VIC, 3079

Member since 2007

4 HIGHLY EXPERIENCED CHIROPRACTORS IN GREENSBOROUGH - opp WaterMarc on Grimshaw St. Trauma Informed, Shiatsu, Clinical Nutrition; Occupational Therapist, Yoga Therapist, Sports injury Rehab, Neuro Rehab.

Inflammation Values Neurological disorders Seniors Fibromyalgia Neuroscience Family health Learning difficulties Wellness Dementia


Body Mind Spirit Harmony

Greensborough, VIC, 3088

Member since 2015

Stress is considered to be the root cause of all diseases in kinesiology. Because it interferes with the body's communication, it...

Face to face appointments Online session In-person sessions Muscle testing Emotion code Mind-body connection Mind-body healing Self-healing Emotional wellbeing Emotional blockages

Sue Dawson

Metamorphic Touch Technique for Transformation

Eltham, VIC, 3095

Member since 2013

Looking for a change in perspective to reveal your inner strength and purpose? Through Metamorphic Technique, you can release deep blockages in your body’s energy patterns and resolve stuck patterns affecting your health and life. Schedule a session with Sue to learn more and experience the benefits!

Emotional wellbeing Abuse Joy Manipulation Movement Depression Self-esteem Feet Facial Creativity

Rick Derksen - Welcomes You

BOWEN THERAPY on Lakeview - Bowen & Emmett Therapy

Ringwood, VIC, 3134

Member since 2011

Rick is a qualified Bowen/Emmett Therapist since 2009 and is highly experienced in treating all body pains with high levels of success. 

Arm pain Tennis elbow Tension Health goals Grief Fatigue Neck pain Energy Shoulder pain Complementary

Marina Fick

About Marina

Ringwood North, VIC, 3134

Member since 2007

You Have The Power To Heal Yourself & You Are The Master Of Your Destiny So Let Me Show You How To Create A Joyful Life Of Quality, Vibrant Health & Wellbeing - Body, Mind And Soul   Please refer to the FEES page for current fees on services offered

Feeling stuck Intimacy Tapping Belief systems Hormonal imbalance Head massage Fatigue Pain relief Sexuality Tiredness

Mandala Health: Laura Hvala

Mandala Health: Naturopathy & Functional Medicine

Woodend, VIC, 3442

Member since 2006

Functional medicine is a holistic and integrative naturopathic system, used to determine an individuals unique biochemical profile...

Detoxification Chronic health issues Conflict resolution Tapping Obsessions Self-esteem Mood disorders Active imagination Transformation Sinus

Denise Robinson

By The Bay Kinesiology - Kinesiology Sessions | Soul Embodiment Alchemy Grids | Kinesiology Courses

Chelsea, VIC, 3196

Member since 2005

Natural Therapy for Mind, Body & Soul WellbeingKinesiology Sessions Soul Embodiment Alchemy Grid Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology...

Face to face appointments Nurturing Family health Astrology Fears Chronic skin conditions Life path Tiredness Love Loneliness

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