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Christine M Long

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The “BEYOND DIETING TO THRIVING PROGRAM” is renowned for its innovation and consistent results. It defies many myths, entrenched beliefs and unconscious barriers so you finally experience the results you’ve yearned for. It takes you way beyond the “Soul Destroying Cycle” of dieting with little gain.

Weight/Body Image & Eating

Servicing area

Eastern Suburbs and Surrounds, Frankston and Mornington Peninsula

Focus areas

Anxiety Adolescents Back pain Hormonal imbalance Infertility Mental health


Key Strategy that Unlocks

Metabolism | Vitality | Clarity | Anti-Aging | Fat Elimination

VALUE $96.00


Mindset Shift = Weight Shift

What you think about food, your body and yourself strongly impacts your choices, behaviour and physiology

Learn How to Look After YOU Consistently with Ease
Enjoy Amazing Lasting Results!

    • Avoid the EMOTIONAL ROLLER-COASTER RIDE around the relationship with your body and food?
    • Eradicate the “YO YO or FAD DIETING DILEMMA” that prevents you ATTAINING and MAINTAINING your ideal healthy weight?
    • Learn why you OVEREAT OR BINGE EAT and finally clear it?
    • Discover why it’s so hard to stay away from UNHEALTHY FOODS and sort it out once and for all?
    • Explore why you gain weight or have TROUBLE ELIMINATING BODY FAT even when you don’t over eat?
    • Realise why you find it hard to EXERCISE REGULARLY and actually do something about it?
    • Uncover what STOPS YOU FROM BEING MOTIVATED or having the WILLPOWER and STAYING POWER to get the results you’re after?
    • Find the bottom line cause of your SELF-SABOTAGE BEHAVIOURS and resolve them?

Do you want to live beyond these SELF-DEFEATING and SOUL DESTROYING patterns? Well you can!

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NO MORE deprivation or extreme dieting
NO MORE guilt trips, lack of willpower or extreme up and down weight fluctuations or plateaus
NO MORE obsession with food or the never ending “What to eat?” and “What not to eat?” scenarios. No more quick fixes that don’t fix anything or the confusing “Fads” that take you on a downhill spiral” All Finito!


It’s about you creating a whole new robust relationship with

Reach out to me here and let’s get to the bottom of what YOU UNIQUELY NEED that’ll get the results you want long term!

Take action NOW – what’ve you got to lose except for -

    • Excess Fat
    • Poor Eating Habits
    • Health & Body Issues
    • Low Self-Esteem

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