Chelsea Banham Health and Wellness Coach

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Chelsea Banham Personal development coaching 

Chelsea Banham Health and Wellness Coach

Focus areas

Anger Fears Trauma Trauma relief Sadness Anxiety


I've personally used these profound modalities to access the depths of unconscious mind to release trauma, limiting beliefs and fears.

Now I have my mind, body and soul all working in harmony I'm passionate about sharing this gift with the world. 

So if you're sick of where your life is, and you are READY for massive change then I'm committed to helping you create the life you want. 

By working directly with your unconscious mind, I can help you:

  • Quit Smoking For Life 
  • Lose Weight + Have a strong positive relationship with healthy eating 
  • Remove Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt and/or Guilt you're carrying around 
  • Overcome Addiction 
  • Overcome Anxiety 
  • Overcome Phobia 
  • Overcome Fears (fear of failure, fear of success, etc) 
  • Remove Limiting Beliefs and Install Empowering Beliefs 
  • Increase Confidence and Self Belief 
  • Replace Procrastination with high levels of Motivation 
  • Program your goals into your unconscious mind so you have no choice but 
    to achieve all that you set out to do. 
  • Plus much more.

If any of this resonates, get in touch., I'm taking clients immediately.


  • NLP Practitioner
  • Hypnotherapist
  • Holistic Therapist
  • Quit Cigarettes Specialist
  • Hypnosis Practitioner
  • Intuitive Healer
  • Soul Coaching Practitioner
  • Certified Master NLP Practitioner
  • Certified Master In Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner
  • Self Discovery Coach
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming Coach (USA)
  • Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner
  • Timeline Therapy Master Practitioner
  • Breakthrough Coaching Practitioner
  • Access Bars® Facilitator
  • Access Consciousness Bars® Practitioner

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