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Servicing area: Baldivis & Warnbro WA. Online Skype sessions are also available.

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Could something from your previous life be stopping you from pursuing your dream life at present?

Past Life Regression Therapy

Healing Old Wounds With Past Life Regression Therapy

Some events in our past hinder us from moving forward with our life. Elizabeth Ann knows this well enough as she has studied Past Life Regression Therapy extensively and has been practicing it in Baldivis WA.

This type of therapy employs hypnotherapy to eliminate emotional blocks in your energy pathways, which are responsible for the feelings of being stuck or unable to make any progress in your life. Hypnotherapy helps you identify what events in your previous life caused the blocks.

How It Works

It usually takes three to four sessions to identify and resolve issues. During the first session, Elizabeth will work to establish your problem by asking you to answer a series of questions. The second session will be allotted to your interview. Here, Elizabeth will gather memories from your present life and use them to connect you with your past memories.

Hypnotherapy comes into play in the third session. Your mind will be relaxed, which is known as the hypnotic state, so that it can travel back to an event in your past life that reflects your current problem.

Once you have identified that event, you are ready for the fourth session. Dubbed as Transformation Therapy, the fourth stage takes you back to the spiritual area of the event in your previous life, which you dealt with in the previous session. Here, you will find everything placid and unperturbed.

Elizabeth will then combine your present problems and you will feel a renewed sense of peace, which is an indication that you are ready to advance in life and move past your issues.

Cost for Every Session

Information Session (First Stage)
$50 for 1 hour

Interview (Second Stage)
$100 for 2 hours

Past Life Regression (Third Stage)
$150 for 2 - 3 hours

Transformation Session (Fourth Stage)
$200 for 3 hours

Book an appointment to make peace with your past and get your life back on track. For any enquires we can also be contacted through SMS

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