Light for the Journey


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Servicing area: Adelaide city, Adelaide hills, Interstate, International


“Let us walk together for a while. We will discover the light of wisdom to support your soul's radiant, unfolding, unending bliss."


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Light for the Journey

About Us

Susan is a calm and gentle soul with a profound connection to her Higher Self. Having experienced her own personal ‘dark night of the soul’ (the catastrophic, major dissolution of the lower-self) in the mystery tradition, Susan strives to enable others to work through their own personal challenges.


    • Seership
    • Aura readings (energy & causal body)
    • Mystery traditions
    • Dream symbolism
    • Emotional blockages
    • Karmic release
    • Shifting limiting beliefs
    • Past life regression
    • Soul path insights
    • Clearing old vows and curses
    • Spiritual guidance


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Qualification details

Over thirty years' experience as a spiritual healer in Australia and Europe.
Early training with: Edmund Harold (seership, service to humanity, grail traditions), Michael Harner (shamanic soul retrieval), Drunvalo Melchizedek (merkaba, flower of life, sacred geometry, Egyptian mysteries), Kathleen Milner (Tera-Mai reiki & seichem to Master levels), Pascale Orsanz (Aura soma, colour therapy), Lucy Basa (Cutting of ties, Inner child healing), Barbara Ann Brennan (Hands of Light, healing in the energy field), Susan Bults (esoteric astrology), Soluntra King (cosmic origins), Nigel Cooper (tarot), Denise Linn (space clearing), Corey & Marianne Sea (Bioenegetics), Warren Rose (Vibrational kinesiology), Philip Rafferty (Reset TMJ kinergetics), Nancy Parker & Leonie Hosie (shell essences), Ian White (flower essences).
University postgraduate education to doctorate level.

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Light for the Journey