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Mindful Health Hypnotherapy & Counselling

Hello, my name is Lee-Anne. I am a highly qualified hypnotherapist and counsellor registered with the Australian Hypnotherapy Association. I am also the current Chiarperson for the Professional Hypnotherapist of Australia Organsiation and hold an associate membership with the Australain Psychology Society. My specialty is hypnoanalysis; a regression technique with a focus on both the causes and symptoms of an issue. Having worked in the addiction field for over 17 years I also specialise in addiction whether that be addiction to food, tobacco, drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol, gambling, pornography or computer games.  Often depression and anxiety are present with any addiction and it is my experience that Hypnoanalysis is very effective in addressing these underlying issues.

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At Mindful Health we understand the everyday stresses of either living with addiction, being overweight, depression or anxiety for individuals and their families can be debilitating. We specialise in treating a range of mental health concerns through individual Medical hypnoanalysis, HypnoBirthing classes for pregnant mothers and their partners and couples counselling.














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For pregnant mothers and partners seeking a relaxed natural childbirth utilising the Mongan Method. Thismethod consists of 5 weekly consecutive educational classes of 2 and a half hours each. Offering both private and group sessions.


Depression & Anxiety

I have done lots of self-development work over the years and seen major changes, especially understanding myself intellectually, but I kept facing re-occurring issues.   I was not able to put solutions into practice, because my inbuilt sensitivity automatically triggered my deep-rooted fears.  

Since having regular hypnosis treatments with Lee-Anne, I find myself responding very differently to what previously distressed me.   It has surprised me how   easily   I now deal with things.

I can’t stop telling my friends what a constructive difference hypnosis with Lee-Anne has made to all areas of my life.

(Name withheld – client willing to talk about her experience)

I have not bitten my nails since our appointment three months ago and I have had to cut them 3 times. That is the longest I have gone without biting them, thank you


I came to see Lee-Anne about my weight problem that I had for 30 years, I just thought it was the way I was meant to be because diets didn’t work and I’d been on plenty of them. I saw Lee-Anne for much longer than I thought I would but I have not only lost the weight but I find I am coping with life much better than ever before, the little things don’t bother me anymore and I am no longer overweight.

(Name withheld – client willing to talk about her experience)

I was a meth user for quite a few years and I stopped by myself but couldn’t seem to get going with my life I just did nothing each day. I went to all sorts of therapy for help and as a last resort I thought I’d try hypnosis which turned my life around. Slowly I gained the confidence and motivation to develop goals and ways to get there. Hypnosis has helped me to come back to life and I am very grateful

(Name withheld)

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BA Psych (1stClass HONS)
Cert MEDHypAnalysis

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