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You will be inspired to discover new ways to optimise your business or career or transition to a new lifestyle.   You need to have action, traction and then from that you get attraction.

SUPER Inner Success Coaching Program

Servicing area

Yeppoon and Rockhampton areas and online worldwide.

Focus areas

Self awareness Neuroscience Habits Boundaries Relaxation Self-esteem

SUPER Inner Success can help you to:


    • Discover your passion


    • Discard and reframe your limiting beliefs


    • Reduce and manage your stress


    • Manage your time more effectively


    • Clarify your sense of direction


    • Find your purpose in life and follow your highest calling in life


    • Retrain your brain to create what you want for your future


    • Develop your highest potential


    • Manifest your deepest desires for fun, creativity, self-expression and play


    • Be a catalyst and change agents shaping the future of your world


    • Reach peak performance


    • Create thriving relationships and enhance current relationships


    • Advance prosperous careers or business aligned with your values


    • Optimise your health


    • Acquire greater vitality and motivation


    • Ignite and empower others to step into their greatness


SUPER Inner Success modules include:


Module I – Sense & Vision – have a sense of what you want and where you want to go?

One way to do that is to just get comfortable, close your eyes, feel it, visualize it and think that what is it that you want in life. 

Module II – Utilise & Assess your current reality and check in on where you are at the moment.

What passions do you have? What talents do you have? Consider how, and where you like to spend your time? What skills do you currently have and what are your beliefs and values. These values actually drive you. 

Module III – PDF – Plan & Set Goals. Write SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound) to clarify what you want. Create a power script from those goals, with empowering words that include affirmations. A fast, advanced and powerful manifesting technique is included. 

Module IV – PDF – Energise & Take Action. Action steps that you can use to achieve your goals and make them happen.  

Module V – Review & Self Mastery is about review. What have you learned? What are you grateful for right now? 

Module VI – Addendum – Integrating Universal Laws for Success 5 Keys SUPER Inner Success bonuses include:

Strategies to allow for development of the necessary mindset for success and greater awareness of mind, body and spirit, including: questioning, affirmations, prayers, visualisations, meditations, and NLP techniques – anchoring and reframing.


Two texts:

Adventures in Manifesting: Healing From Within” and “NLP Essentials for Teachers: The Art of Encouraging Excellence in Your Students”

45 Minutes coaching to ask questions and be more accountable.

Three PDFs:

“16 Keys to Manifesting”, “The 12 Secrets to Creating Excellence in Yourself” and “5 Keys to Inner Success”.

A series of audio interviews where GayeLouise O’Brien interviews global leaders about how they overcame challenges to achieve success. 

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5 Services


1hr 30min
Life Coaching Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Hypnotherapy Time Line Therapy®
$180 Per session

Hypnotherapy is a healing technique using hypnosis. It works to overcome destructive and undesirable behaviours and patterns to create lasting change.

Transformative Coaching

1hr 30min
Life Coaching Wellness Coaching Life Coaching Online Wellness Coaching Online Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Time Line Therapy®
$180 Per session

Coaching provides a simple and effective structure of support that will assist you to move positively forward in a significant area of your life: relationships, business, career, health, wealth, sport or spirituality.

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